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A World of Possibilities: A World-Class Education

WhyISI-buttonAs the only school in Indiana with a full-continuum, preschool-to-diploma International Baccalaureate (IB) program, we do the most to prepare our students for the IB diploma and beyond. Their skills serve them not only at the college of their choice but also in the even more challenging world outside.

Don’t just take our word though. The proof is in our 100% graduation and 100% college acceptance rate. ISI students do not just go to college, they excel there! We invite you to browse around our webpages, look at our social media accounts, come to a tour or open house, and see why we are a top choice for education in Indianapolis and the world.

Check out this great testimonial from a 2016 graduate:

The reason why the ISI experience is truly unlike any other private school in the Midwest is because of the international lens and cultural awareness that is a part of everyday life. From the time I was 11, not only was I trilingual but had developed an understanding of the world foreign to many individuals my age. Why? Because I was immersed in many cultures daily. Walking down the halls, you will hear at least 5 different languages, and see faces that come from almost every country in the world. The faculty instructing the language courses are native speakers of their languages and have traveled from all over the globe to provide ISI students with the immersion experience of a lifetime. ISI students become effective communicators in multiple languages that can collaborate with others across linguistic and cultural boundaries.

The IB to me is no longer a program, but a way of thinking. The “IB way of learning” provides students with tools vital for success, teaching critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills that enable knowledge to be applied across disciplines to address complex global issues. ISI challenges you to push the boundaries of education, molding your mind to become more reflective. You become a curious learner, always asking questions, always looking for the next challenge.

Samantha Wolfe, 2016


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