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We can’t predict what the world will look like 25 years from now, but with your annual investment, we can ensure that our students and our school remain ever ready for the world stage.

For 25 years ISI has embraced the concepts of inquiry-based learning, with an emphasis on language fluency and cultural intelligence, to prepare students for a rapidly globalizing and interdependent world.

Tuition covers many of the fees associated with providing an ISI education; however philanthropic support provides the additional resources necessary to enhance our facilities and recruit the best teachers from around the world — and consequently offer our students
a world-class education that no other school in Indiana can provide.

Your annual gift to ISI is an investment in our students, our facilities, our faculty, and our potential. When Gryphons Give, we make it possible for students and our entire institution to be ready for the world stage.

Thank you for giving!



GryFUND Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GryFUND?

The GryFUND offers a tax-deductible opportunity to augment tuition revenue that supports the school’s operating budget. The GryFUND Drive begins July 1 and runs through June 30. It allows the International School community — parents, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, grandparents, and friends of all financial circumstances — the ability to support the life of the school. This is standard operating procedure for most independent schools throughout the country and is becoming more valuable as we continue to face challenging economic times and rising expenses. Tuition alone does not pay for your child’s education. The GryFUND exists to provide the teachers and classrooms with the tools they need to continue to grow.

What does the GryFUND Support?

Gifts to the GryFUND are used to support a variety of areas of campus need. Currently, the International School allocates all GryFUND contributions to the following areas:

General Operations
Arts, Drama and Athletics
Teacher Development
Educational Programs

Each year the Board of Directors, in consultation with the School’s administration, determine where GryFUND gifts will have the greatest impact.

When will I be asked to participate in the GryFUND?

Each year, ISI Families, Alumni, Alumni Parents, and “Friends” will receive a letter asking them to participate to the GryFUND. The letter describes in detail how your gift will impact the operating budget. Shortly afterward, volunteers make follow-up phone calls and personal meetings to those who have not donated to the GryFUND to answer questions and encourage participation.

Why is participation important?

Strong participation signals commitment to the School’s mission and school pride. It shows that more individuals are sharing the financial responsibility to support the School. Participation is scrutinized by foundations and corporations when ISI applies for grants and contributions. Across the nation, independent school families are making it clear that they understand the need to support schools to the best of their ability. Many of the International School’s peer institutions in Indianapolis boast over 80% of the parents participating in their Annual Fund campaigns. Last year, 31% of ISI parents supported the GryFUND. We know we can do better if we all come together to support this effort!

How much am I expected to give?

We ask all members of the International School community (parents, alumni, past parents, grandparents, faculty, and staff) to give to the best of their ability and at a level that demonstrates the value placed on an exemplary education.

Why does the International School ask for contributions instead of increasing the tuition?

Supplementing tuition through charitable gifts helps keep tuition competitive and provides many important programs that are essential to our mission. Contributions to the GryFUND allocate funds directly towards improving the classroom. It’s also a way for you to receive an income tax deduction, to the extent allowed by law.

How can I contribute?

An outright cash gift is the most common and efficient way to make a donation to the GryFUND. You can make a one-time gift or by making monthly installments by using a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. The ISI website can process secure transactions for these donations. (Please be aware that by using a credit card to make your donation, the School incurs a fee of 2.75% – 3.00%.) Please contact the Advancement Office at 317.923.1951 ext. 326 for other giving opportunities. All GryFUND gifts to the International School are tax-deductible based on the school’s 501(c)(3) charitable status.

Can I get a matching gift from my employer?

When you make a gift to the International School, you can double or triple its impact by checking with your employer to see if they participate in a matching gift program. Many companies and foundations match the value of charitable gifts made by employees and their spouses, board members, and retirees.

Who else is asked to contribute to the International School?

Everyone in the International School community – Alumni, Past Parents, Grandparents, the Board of Directors, Faculty, Administration, and Friends. If you’d like to pass along more information about the GryFUND to your friends or family we will send an e-mail for you to share with them. We hope you’ll share our request widely with your network.