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Merci, 谢谢 Xiè Xiè, Gracias

Thank you for supporting ISI through a direct donation to our GryFUND, in-kind gift, future gift or designated project.Your generosity will help ready ISI students to lead thoughtful, fulfilling, world-changing lives for decades to come. Each week this list of 2017-2018 donors will be updated to reflect the most up-to-date list possible, sorted into giving categories.

If you find that you have given but are not included in the list within two weeks of the gift date, please contact us at so we can rectify the oversight.

Annual Giving Society Donors



DIPLOMAT LEVEL- $5000-$9999

Audrey and Nicholas Taylor
Anne and Ratus Kelly
Gregory Gaich

FOUNDERS LEVEL- $2500- $4999

National Christian Foundation
Mary Ott and Stacey Kaneshiro

FRIENDS OF ISI- $1000-$2499

Hsiao-Han Daphne Chiu and Peter Chen
Mr. Robert Smith

GRYPHON CLUB- $500-$999

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
James Ewing
Jennifer and Gary Vigran
Sylvie and David Garner


Susan and Paul St Angelo
Jasmine Tse and Kam Cheung
Trina Haygaru
Lou Quinto


Annual Donors

Donors- Up to $250

Artur Silva, Gloria Munoz, Kula Foundation, Jiawei Gu, Lisa Engelhardt, Lanie and Leo Sinitsky, Corinne St. Angelo, Danyun Luo, Paul Pierpont, Shannon and Mark Rueffer, David Lenard, Angie Roberts, Lingyan Shao, Samira Shah-Cooper, Euphrasie and Faustin N’tala, Virginie and Bill Albert, Claudia and Erick Rodriguez, Elaine Kovalcik and Jeffrey Jones, Yuehong (Amber) Li and Brian Ruckle, Teressa Ratliff-Burks, Laura Souto and Oscar Gonzalez, Eduardo Fajardo, Juan Lira, Rosalie Jarvis, Anne Clinton, Vicki Nager, Mary and Tim Birtwhistle, Olivier Bernadac, Marithe Benavente-Llamas and Jared Anderson, Annick Fartouh, Marc Campos, Rosaura Picado Gonzalez, Meg Dombroski, Chen Zhong, Shaun Howarth, Kim and Zorba Rose, Valerie Choi, Krista DeBoer, Roark Cristine Postigo, Nicole Detrick, Willian Fajardo, Stacey Amaya, Jenny Howell and Tomohiro Buroku, Mary Godley, Peter Ostle, Teresa Pappas, Patricia Laguna, Lihua Wu, Carol Mark, Blanca Montero, Kristina and Joel O’Neil, Natalie Wolfe, Elisabeth Dione, Nadege CapDeville, Erin and Aitor Porro, Xue Zheng, Hu Yuezhong, Kate Lock, Analia and Jeffrey Howerton, Lynda and Dick Duncan, Laura Webster, Gonzalez Gerardo, Rachel and David Atchison, Kristin Nwokedi, Haihong Guo, Maria Zarco-Gallardo, Cecille Orquiola, Bovic Lola, Heriberto Rodriguez-Vazquez, David Lock, Janice Taylor, Asha Lynch and Fidel Padilla, Susannah Miller and John Geoffrey Peate, Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sarah Payton, Alfredo Valerio, Tracey Williams, The Kroger Company, Ilana Hernandez- Ritter and David Henderson, Rissa Guffey, Timothy Davis, Maria Rosa Agatino and Giuseppe Zichella, Stephanie and Paul Aikins, Linda Christy, Lizette and Timothy Veale, Mark Powers, Lydia Tallet Nella and Erick Means, Stacy and Bill Gruen, Diana Torres, Linda Weiss, Kelli Cobb, Rosita and Jamie Navarro, Robyn Evans-Long and Kevin Long, Melinda and Dean Wiseman, Marica White


*reflective of gifts received July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018

If you are not included and have not given yet, donate now, and your name will be included soon!ggbutton