clubs & activities

ISI offers more than 40 clubs and extracurricular activities for students each year.

Opportunities that go beyond the classroom give each student an ISI experience that is uniquely theirs. With a student population as diverse, self-motivated, and engaged as ours, it is not surprising that there’s so much to do. Students can participate in any combination of student activities and groups, including fine arts, travel and field trips, special-interest clubs, and athletic teams. Many groups have been founded on the initiative of the students themselves.

Students are encouraged to join multiple clubs. 

Most clubs and activities meet during X Block, the final class period of the day. Clubs meet once a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This allows students to pursue their interests in multiple clubs without schedule conflicts, and allow students to participate in both clubs and athletics. 

Middle School Clubs & activities examples

High School clubs & activities examples