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These required protocols apply to anyone on an ISI campus, including but not limited to all students, staff, faculty, contractors, vendors, suppliers and visitors.

Policy Statement:
Under normal circumstances, International School of Indiana welcomes visitors to our campuses for a variety of events and activities. We recognize that these in-person events and activities are important to our school community, however the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how we must operate to prevent the spread of this disease within our school community. In order to do this, new restrictions have been placed on visitors, meetings, and events until further notice. 

Reason for Policy:

1. Provides guidance on how policies related to public health and safety measures will be implemented until International School of Indiana is able to return to normal operation in accordance with all public health and governmental orders. 



  • Visitors, including parents and spectators for academic and athletic events, are not permitted in ISI buildings unless authorized by the senior leadership team or as specified in other COVID-19 procedures. 
  • Any necessary meetings between parents and ISI faculty and staff should take place virtually or via phone. Any pick-up or drop-off of students outside of standard arrival and departure times should follow the COVID-19 Arrival and Dismissal Procedures. Parents will not be permitted to enter ISI facilities for these purposes.
  • No visitors will be permitted to visit or accompany students into our facilities, unless otherwise specified in our policies.
  • Anyone entering a campus building must wear a face mask in all hallways, public spaces, common areas, and when social distancing of 6 feet is not possible. Visitors will be required to participate in the health screening and adhere to the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols.


  • In-person meetings are strongly discouraged.
  • Meeting organizers should use remote technology whenever possible, including substituting conference calls and phone conversations for in-person meetings.
  • Meetings that must take place in-person should adhere to social distancing best practices.


  • Off-campus events, including field trips are suspended until further notice. Decisions regarding second semester exchange trips (scheduled for May 24 - June 3) will be released in January of 2021.  
  • On-campus events are strongly discouraged and should be postponed or held virtually when possible. This includes events sponsored by the school, departments or units, as well as student-sponsored events. 
  • Upper School X-Block Clubs are suspended until further notice to prevent mixing of cohorts. This time will be used for various academic and well-being supports, advisory meetings, and teacher collaboration.
  • Events normally involving spectators will not take place in-person inside of any ISI building until further notice. However, certain events, such as athletic events and student performances, may be modified to eliminate a crowd or audience and to utilize remote technology.
    • Athletic Events:
      • Spectators are now permitted at outdoor athletic events but limited to two spectators per student. 
      • Spectators are not permitted to enter any ISI facility. Spectators may use portable bathrooms adjacent to the track and field. 
      • Spectators are expected to adhere to the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols, including wearing a mask and practicing social distancing when interacting with other spectators, coaches, and athletes.
      • Spectators are asked to bring their seating and to refrain from using bleachers, as those are reserved for athletes.
      • The athletic director has the authority to ask spectators to leave if they are unable or unwilling to adhere to these policies and procedures. 
  • All approved events are reflected on the ISI Community Calendar. Any new event must be registered by completing the Calendar Request form to ensure that the event is reviewed and approved by the ISI senior leadership team.  


  • It is critical that ISI be able to track and trace the interactions and mobility of our school community. Therefore, no Lower School or Upper School students are permitted to be on campus before or after school, unless they are a current registered participant of the child care, extended supervision, or athletics programs. 
  • These programs adhere to the COVID-19 cohort and pod policy, food and snack policy, face mask policy, arrival and dismissal procedures, and others as published at our COVID-Ready Campuses Policy Hub


  • Any use of facilities by an outside group or organization is prohibited unless the campus is closed to students and faculty.
  • The timing and duration of any approved rental must allows for adequate time to administer COVID-19 cleaning procedures before the start of the next school and/or work day.  

Failure to comply with COVID-19 campus visitors, meetings, and events protocols may result in disciplinary action through existing disciplinary processes. Human resources will assist supervisors with addressing employee violations, principals will provide guidance on addressing student violations, and all other violations are referred to the Head of School’s office.



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