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Vice President of Finance

These required protocols apply to anyone on an ISI campus, including but not limited to all students, staff, faculty, contractors, vendors, suppliers and visitors.

Definition of Terms:
Dining Service Provider: International School of Indiana’s on-campus food service and catering operation is Aladdin.

Food Handler: Any person who comes in contact with or handles food product during the delivery, preparation, storage and/or serving for an event. This may include Aladdin personnel, or ISI faculty and staff.

Policy Statement:
Recognizing food service is an essential part of the school day the following guiding principles to mitigate serious health risks to our school community have been established related to food service, snacks, and water fountains. These will remain in effect until further notice:

  • Eliminate buffet style meal service and offer pre-packaged meals
  • Limit capacity in communal dining spaces and/or serve meals in classrooms while ensuring the safety of students with food allergies. 
  • Use disposable food service items when possible, and ensure that all non-disposable food service items are handled with gloves and washed with dish soap and hot water
  • Prohibit sharing food and utensils, including lunch brought from home, snacks, birthday treats, etc. 
  • Restrict water fountains for bottle-filling only

Reason for Policy:

  1. Provides guidance on how public health and safety measures will be implemented until International School of Indiana is able to return to normal operation in accordance with all public health and governmental orders. 



  • All on campus food service is provided by ISI Dining Service Provider, Aladdin 
  • All Aladdin food handlers are subject to all ISI Health and Safety protocols, including daily screenings.
  • Aladdin food handlers are responsible for the daily delivery of box lunches to all buildings, classrooms, and designated dining spaces. 
  • Lunch menus will consist of a combination of three hot meals and two cold meals per week.
    • Two alternatives will be available each day.
    • Families must review the menu and submit requests for alternatives by published monthly deadlines.
  • Menu information and selection procedures to be announced at the start of the school year.
  • When a student has a documented food allergy, food handlers are trained and prepared to take active steps to reduce the risk of exposure in all common areas, such as classrooms and cafeterias. 
  • All students, faculty, staff and food handlers will adhere to hand washing and sanitizing procedures as outlined in the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols.


For Lower School Students: 

  • will eat lunch with their cohort in their assigned classroom;
  • lunches will be delivered daily to the classroom. 

For Middle School Students: 

  • will eat lunch with their cohort in the Blackwell gym;
  • each student will have an assigned cafeteria table; 
  • seating will be designed to ensure that there is appropriate physical distance between students; 
  • students must wear masks when entering and exiting the gym; once seated at assigned tables, students will be permitted to remove their masks;
  • all lunches will be delivered to tables; 
  • students must remain seated the entire lunch period and will not be permitted to visit with other tables;
  • students must replace the face masks before being dismissed from the gym; 
  • no refunds or cost adjustments will be made for meals which the student does not eat.

For High School Students: 

  • cohorts will have a designated pod that includes common indoor and outdoor gathering areas to be used exclusively by the cohort, and during the lunch period;
  • lunch will be delivered to both indoor and outdoor gathering areas;
  • gathering areas are designed to give students some flexibility and freedom, however students must remain within their indoor or outdoor cohort area for the entire lunch period;
  • students may remove masks to eat, but should resume wearing masks when lunch is complete; 
  • lunch deliveries to campus from outside vendors are NOT permitted (e.g. Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc.); 
  • no refunds or cost adjustments will be made for meals which the student does not eat.

For Faculty and Staff: 

  • lunch is available to faculty and staff for a fee;
  • individuals wishing to utilize the dining services should sign up monthly via the director of human resources;
  • each ISI facility will have a designated grab and go location for employees to retrieve their lunch daily; 
  • lunch deliveries to campus from outside vendors are NOT permitted (e.g. Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc.); 
  • no refunds or cost adjustments will be made for meals which the student does not eat.

For Students Bringing Lunch from Home:

  • families are permitted to send alternative food from home for their child’s lunch;
  • students who bring lunch from home are not permitted to share items. 


  • Drinking from water fountains will not be permitted until further notice.
  • Water fountains should only be used for filling water bottles.
  • Students should bring clean water bottles to school daily.
  • All ISI employees are encouraged to bring clean water bottles to work daily, too.


  • ISI prohibits any distribution of food or treats outside the school lunch program - this includes treats for birthdays and celebrations.
  • Individual students are permitted to bring snacks for consumption in their classroom or pod during designated snack breaks, but items should be individually packaged, e.g.; pretzels, baked crackers, and granola bars.
  • Students who bring snacks from home are not permitted to share items. 
  • This policy is not meant to limit the preparation of foods directly related to the school curriculum and approved by the Principal.



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