Health screening Questionnaire


Contact Department:
Head of School

Oversight Executive:
Head of School

These required protocols apply to anyone attempting to access an ISI campus, including but not limited to all students, staff, faculty, coaches, contractors, vendors, suppliers and visitors.

Definition of Terms:
Health Screenings use a series of questions administered verbally to campus visitors by authorized ISI personnel to determine an individual's wellness and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the school community and to assist the school nurse and public health officials with contact tracing should it be required. 

Policy Statement:
Effective July 1, 2020, International School of Indiana has implemented new required protocols, to minimize risks of the spread of COVID-19 in our school community. Any person entering an ISI facility is subject to completing a health screening by answering the questionnaire published below.

Reason for Policy:
1. Helps determine the wellness of individuals on our campuses and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

2. Is in effect until a return to normal operation in accordance with all public health and governmental orders is possible. 

Health Screening Questionnaire:

Since your last day of school or work at and/or visit to an ISI facility, have you: 

  1. had a cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition?
  2. had shortness of breath that cannot be attributed to another health condition?
  3. had a fever (100.4F or higher) that cannot be attributed to another health condition?
  4. taken medication for a fever?
  5. had two or more of the following symptoms?
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

6. Within the last 14 days have you been in close contact (within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes) with anyone with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19?***

If you have answered “No” to the above questions, you are permitted to enter ISI facilities.

If you’ve answered "Yes" to any health related questions, the results will be forwarded securely to our School Nurse who will follow up with you privately about next steps, however you are unable to enter the facility at this time.

***An exemption is extended to parents employed in the health care sector provided they have used appropriate PPE and taken other necessary measures in their workplace to protect against the transmission of COVID-19.



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