student, Faculty, or Staff illness


Contact Department:
Head of School 

Oversight Executive:
Head of School

These required protocols apply to anyone on an ISI campus, including but not limited to all students, staff, faculty, contractors, vendors, suppliers and visitors

Policy Statement:
The COVID-19 Procedures for Illness are developed based on situations and circumstances that might occur and that may require ISI to pause or shut down some or all of our facilities and therefore in-person learning. Therefore, ISI is taking the following measures to provide for the health and safety of our entire campus community while continuing to provide educational and other essential services to our students and their families. 

Reason for Policy:

1. Provides guidance on how public health and safety measures will be implemented until International School of Indiana is able to return to normal operation in accordance with all public health and governmental orders. 

Procedures (links, form, internal controls)

Students, faculty, and staff should be excluded from school if they test positive for COVID-19 or exhibit one or more of the following symptoms of COVID-19 based on ​CDC Guidance​ ​that is not otherwise explained.

  • A fever of 100.4​° F​ or greater
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell

Once a student or a member of the faculty and staff is excluded from the school, they may return if they satisfy the recommendations of the CDC. Currently those guidelines are:

For Untested Individuals

Persons who have not received a test proving or disproving the presence of COVID-19 but experience symptoms may return if the following three conditions are met:

  • they have not had a fever for at least 72 hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers); and
  • other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath have improved); 
  • and, at least 10 calendar days have passed since your symptoms first appeared.

Tested COVID Positive and Symptomatic

Persons who experienced symptoms and have been tested for COVID-19 may return to school if the following conditions are met:

  • the individual no longer has a fever (without the use medicine that reduces fevers); and
  • other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath have improved); and
  • at least 10 calendar days have passed since symptoms first appeared;
  • or, the individual has received two negative tests at least 24 hours apart.

Tested COVID Positive and Asymptomatic

Persons who have not had symptoms but test positive for COVID-19 may return when they have gone 10 calendar days past their test without symptoms and have been released by a healthcare provider with a written statement of approval to return to school. 

As soon as the school becomes aware of a student or employee who has been exposed to or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the custodial staff will be informed, so that impacted building or bus areas, furnishings, and equipment are thoroughly disinfected. If possible, based upon student and staff presence, the custodial staff will wait 24 hours or as long as possible prior to disinfecting. However, if that is not possible or school is in session, the cleaning will occur immediately. In-home learning will be offered to students excluded from campus due to illness/health reasons.  

Tested Negative

Persons who have stayed home due to symptoms, no longer have symptoms, and have received two negative tests at least 24 hours apart may return to school.  

Confirmed Household Exposure

Any students and employees should remain home if someone in their household has COVID-19 symptoms or is being tested for COVID-19 until the individual has received two negative tests at least 24 hours apart. Any students or employees should remain home for 14 days if someone in the household has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Testing locations in Indiana can be found using this link:


On-Campuses Clinic Space: COVID-19 Related Cases

The following spaces will be used to service all students and staff who display COVID-19 symptoms

  • Lower School 49th Street Building: front office on the east side of the building
  • Upper School Blackwell Building: room connected to the front office
  • Upper School Taurel Building: room in the administration hallway

These clinics will service all students and staff who display COVID-19 symptoms. Only essential staff assigned to the rooms may enter. A record will be kept of all persons who entered the room and the room will be disinfected several times throughout the day. Strict social distancing is required and staff must wear appropriate PPE. Students who are ill will be walked out of the building to be picked up by their parents. Additionally, all staff and students with fevers or symptoms associated with COVID-19 should be encouraged to seek medical attention for further evaluation and instructions

On-Campuses Clinic Space: Non-COVID-19 Related Cases

Students who do not display symptoms of COVID-19 can be seen and treated at the front desk of their respective school building. These would include students who are injured during the school day or students with special health care needs such as those with chronic health conditions (i.e. - diabetes or seizures), those requiring medical treatments, and those with individual health plans.

Confirmed Case of COVID-19 on School Property

When there is confirmation that a person infected with COVID-19 was on school property, including visiting athletes, the school nurse will contact the local health department and the Indiana Department of Education immediately. The school nurse is a certified contact tracer and will notify any members of the ISI community if there  is suspected COVID-19 exposure. 

The school will work with the local health department to assess factors such as the likelihood of exposure to employees and students in the building, the number of cases in the community, and other factors that will determine building closure. It is the responsibility of the local health department to contact the person confirmed with COVID-19, inform direct contacts of their possible exposure, and give instructions to those involved with the confirmed case, including siblings and other household members regarding self-quarantine and exclusions.

The individual who tested positive will not be identified in communications to the school community at large but may need to be selectively identified for contact tracing by the local health department. If a closure is determined necessary, ISI will consult with the local health department to determine the status of school activities including extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities, and before- and after-school programs. 

The following decision tree will be used to help ISI administrators determine, which set mitigation strategies will be most appropriate in a given situation.

For one positive student/faculty member in a cohort, it is recommended that contact tracing be done for that individual only and close contacts (students or staff) quarantine for 14 days from the date of last exposure. 

An exception may occur for Pre-K through Grade 2 when cohorting and assigned seating may not be feasible. In those cases, the entire classroom may need to quarantine. 

If two or more students/faculty members test positive in a given cohort, it is recommended that the entire cohort quarantine for two weeks. 

There is no threshold for closing the entire school. If this is being considered because of widespread positive cases throughout the school, it is recommended that school officials work with the local health department and the Indiana State Department of Health for further recommendations. This may include, but is not limited to, short-term closure for cleaning and disinfecting or moving to e-learning for students, with an option for students under age 12 to do their virtual learning on site with supervision.

We will not send a notification of every student, staff or faculty member who is excluded from on campus activities due to illness. 

If a student or employee is excluded from campus for a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 relevant cohorts/pods/buildings will receive a notification and it will be in accordance with the following action steps:

  1. Case reported to ISI certified contract tracer/school nurse 
  2. Impacted individual immediate excluded from campus while awaiting test results
  3. Required reporting to local and state health officials completed by ISI leadership and certified contact tracer
  4. Health officials and ISI certified contact tracer determine need for any additional exclusions by individual, cohort, pod, or building.
  5. Confirmation email delivered to members of ISI community as appropriate by the exclusion situation scale that is determined by health official and ISI certified contact tracer. 

These action steps are further explained in the ISI Campus Illness Decision Matrix

Provided for example purposes, families should expect the following types communications:

EXAMPLE ONE: Possible exposure to COVID-19 no exclusion recommended at this time
A student/employee in your child’s <cohort/pod> recently received notification that an individual associated with <an event/activity they take/took part in on date(s)> has been diagnosed with COVID-19. This information was received several days after the individual returned to campus. Though the individual has exhibited no symptoms of the illness, symptoms typically appear 2-14 days after exposure. The individual is self-quarantining at this time in an abundance of precaution and to safeguard our school community.

Per our procedures we’ve been in contact with local and state officials. At this time, not further isolation or quarantine is recommended for your child’s <cohort/pod>, but should you wish to utilize remote learning you should contact <insert admin>. We will continue to clean and disinfect surfaces inside all school facilities in accordance with our policies and procedures, and encourage all members of our school community to remain vigilant in adhering to good health and safety practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

EXAMPLE TWO: Exposure to COVID-19 and Exclusion from Campus
A student/employee in your child’s <cohort/pod> recently experienced COVID-19 symptoms and has tested positive for COVID-19. In accordance with our campus illness decision matrix, we’ve been in contact with local and state officials. Together we’ve determined that <cohort/pod/building> will be operating in <Scenario number and name and status> until <date or further notice>.  

<Additional health and safety instructions provided by public health officials>

<Additional instructions related to e-learning>



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