Through the pandemic, ISI is committed to maximizing students’ engagement with teachers and peers regardless of how learning is delivered.

When the school is operating in a Traditional Learning environment, one of three operational scenarios possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, students will report to our campuses for in-person learning. But because we understand that some families' risk-tolerance may leave them inclined to keep their students at home during a traditional learning period, we are offering a remote learning option to all of our elementary, middle, and high school students who may elect to stay home due to health considerations.

The chart below is intended to help families understand how the decision to opt-in to remote instruction will impact accessibility to some classes and/or coursework. 

Academic Year 2020-20221
                          ON CAMPUS learning                       
          REMOTE LEARNING         
 Grade Level                            % of in-person learning
on campus

by week
% of virtual learning
on campus

by week

% of classes live streamed
for remote learning

by week

 3 year old  100% 0% 93.3%
 Kindergarten 100% 0% 93.3%
 Grade 1 100% 0% 93.3%
 Grade 2 100% 0% 93.3%
 Grade 3 100% 0% 93.3%
 Grade 4 100% 0% 93.3%
 Grade 5 100% 0% 93.3%
 Grade 6-8 90-100%* 0-10%* 93.3%**
 Grade 9 90-100%*** 0-10% 93.3%**
 Grade 10 90-100%*** 0-10% 96.7%**
 Grade 11 92.5%*** 7.5% 100%
 Grade 12 92.5%*** 7.5% 100%

*Discrepancy caused by Arts being done virtually and in-person on a rotating basis between homeroom groups.

**Only Upper School PE classes will not be live streamed, but workouts will be available via ManageBac for those participating in classes from home. This only applies to Grades 6-10. IT Dept. is working on a way to live stream the Blackwell Gym which could raise this percentage to 100% participation for Grade 6-8 when classes are done inside. ALL Grade 9 and 10 PE classes will meet outside with a teacher on Taurel designated ourdoor areas or in a Taurel classroom with the PE Teacher if there is inclement weather. Taurel Students will not attend any classes at the Blackwell Building during the school day.

***Discrepancy is caused by a small number of Language Acquisition classes that are taken with mixed grade level students (grade level students will not mix between grade level cohorts). These students will alternate live lessons with a teacher and virtual participation.