ISI Student Support Services (SSS) works with students grades 6 to 12
to identify and reach academic, social, and emotional goals
through collaboration between students, their teachers, and families.

Our SSS process is modeled on a research-based method of academic support commonly used throughout the United States. Through the multi-tiered process, ISI's team of educators use their cumulative expertise to help meet students’ unique needs - from their academic performance to their social interactions to their linguistic confidence and their health, well-being, and identity. The focus of SSS is to provide successful strategies and resources that directly support students' learning and achievement in the regular classroom environment from class to class and year to year. 

SSS is available to all ISI students and most commonly works with students in circumstances that include:

  • the need to build confidence or boost performance through general academic, social, and/or emotional support.
  • opportunities to enhance or provide additional academic challenge.
  • the desire to mitigate the impacts of medical or family circumstances that may affect academic achievement. 
  • addressing a learning or behavioral diagnosis that may affect classroom performance.

Students often reach out SSS directly, or they are referred by their families or ISI faculty.