Language Immersion

ISI is the state’s only school offering full language immersion in three languages for Pre-K - grade 5 students.

Our emphasis on bilingual education and language immersion is a big part of what sets the International School of Indiana (ISI) apart from other educational options in the state of Indiana and the Midwest. Research shows that bilingual learning is both natural and beneficial and that bilingual people tend to use their brains more efficiently than those who speak only one language. Bilingual learners ultimately become more independent, creative, and flexible in everything they take on.

There is no previous language experience required to attend ISI at any grade level.

Students in pre-school and lower-elementary school receive their education almost exclusively in an immersion model delivered by French, Spanish, and Mandarin native speakers who are trained teachers. Students acquire their new language naturally, almost effortlessly, in much the same way that they learn their native language. Because language acquisition is combined with everything the students do, they actually spend their school day learning the full range of academic skills that one would expect at their given grade level. 

In Grades 4 and 5, the immersion language reduces, and English is increased with students being proficient enough at both languages that classes in English make up about half of the school day.

Students in the Middle School continue to study humanities in the target language (Individuals and Societies is offered in English for students without the foreign language proficiency), while High School students work mainly in English, with languages still maintained at a high level. Most students continue studying their target language. Students who are already proficient in French, Spanish or Mandarin by Grade 6 may begin studying a third language. We maintain the emphasis on language and international experience with our Upper School students. These are just some of the unique opportunities ISI offers to help our students grow into confident, bilingual – even trilingual – community-minded world citizens.