IB Results

The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum is considered
the world's leading academic program for college readiness.
At ISI, all students participate in the IB, a practice that is very rare. Most of our peer institutions in Indiana and worldwide choosing to reserve access to the IB or only their top-performing students, typically those in the top 1 to 5 percent.
In the context of our universal approach to the IB, our students' rolling attainment averages in the IB Diploma Program make our community extremely proud. 

2021 IB Diploma Data

As you review our IB results, it is important to remember that those students who successfully obtain the IB Diploma frequently earn college credits of 20 or more, often the equivalent of an entire year of collegiate study.

For those that do not obtain the IB Diploma, they receive an IB certificate, which exceeds the requirements of state of Indiana Academic Honors diploma. IB certificate earners routinely go on to university with earned college credits.

Every ISI high school graduating class since the first in 2004 has earned 100% college placement with offered scholarship awards by class consistently topping a combined $5 million for groups that have averaged in size between 30 and 40 students.