Full language immersion + universal, full-continuum International Baccalaureate curriculum.

The Midwest's most distinct academics are the particular ISI combination of the world's "gold-standard" curriculum, which all of our students complete, and the state of Indiana's only language immersion program that features three language-track options for students starting at 3 years old.

With few rivals to our curricular approach nationwide, ISI is uniquely positioned to help students be Ready for the World Stage.

International Baccalaureate Curriculum - Primary Years, Middle Years, Diploma Programmes

The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum is considered the world's leading academic program for college readiness, the "gold standard" course of study that most U.S. schools reserve for only their top five percent of students or fewer. 
ISI proudly takes a different approach to the IB by extending its impact to all enrolled students, a model that we refer to as universal IB.
Further, ISI is the only school in Indiana where this universal approach is applied across the full continuum of the IB curriculum - from the IB Primary Years Program that starts with our students at 3 years old to the IB Middle Years Program and through to the IB Diploma Program for our students in grades 11 and 12. 
All members of the ISI faculty are trained IB practitioners for their appropriate level, and it is their experience and quality that routinely have our students outperforming the average attainment rates of their global peers from the 5,000+ schools in 156 countries that are also designated as IB World Schools.


Primary Years: age 3 to grade 5

Primary Years Program (PYP): students 3 years old to grade 5 

The PYP takes the best of worldwide teaching and learning and combines them with the IB’s international school expertise to create course work that is challenging, exciting, and just right for kids with developing minds. PYP students try out ideas and use their hands. They make connections. They share their observations and thoughts.

We also help them explore the world outside of their experience. They become aware of other cultures and peoples, exploring their common humanity while appreciating their differences—all to create a better, more peaceful world.


Middle Years: grade 6 to 10

Middle Years Program (MYP): students grade 6 to 10

In this part of the IB program, students stretch their minds by exploring more complex ideas and by making connections between their studies and the world.

MYP continues the student-centered, inquiry-based approach of the Primary Years program. It adds an emphasis on student growth in problem-solving, reflection, investigation, and organized debate. The MYP prepares them to meet the challenges of the IB Diploma program, which begins in grade 11.

The MYP encourages communication skills, understanding of cultural differences, and awareness of global connections – essential areas of growth for students in the process of becoming responsible world citizens.


Diploma: grade 11 and 12

Diploma Program (DP): students grade 11 and 12

The DP is the final stage of the IB program at ISI and takes place in grades 11 and 12. It’s a challenging but balanced program of study that prepares students for success at the university level and beyond.

The IB diploma is highly respected by institutions of higher learning in the United States and throughout the world. DP students make connections across subject areas, explore the theory of knowledge, and study courses of their choice in six subject groups.

In May of their grade 12 year, ISI students take their IB final exams. Students are tested in each of their chosen subjects, with 20-25% of each subject evaluated internally by their ISI instructor and the remaining portion evaluated by International Baccalaureate examiners.


Language Immersion - French, Mandarin, Spanish

ISI is the state’s only school offering full language immersion in three languages for Pre-K - grade 5 students.

Our emphasis on bilingual education and language immersion is a big part of why ISI offers the Midwest's most distinct academics. Research shows that bilingual learning is both natural and beneficial and that bilingual people tend to use their brains more efficiently than those who speak only one language. Bilingual learners ultimately become more independent, creative, and flexible in everything they take on.

There is no previous language experience required to attend ISI at any grade level, and students who may be new to language learning are provided specialized programming to promote language attainment.

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Study Abroad Program - Grades 6, 9, 10

ISI students in grades 6, 9 ,and 10, complete exchange trips to countries that represent their selected language immersion tracks.

These travels take place in the spring, are teacher-chaperoned, and are expected of all students as part of their learning experience at ISI.

Some of the locations included in the trips in the past are Spain, Chile, France, Canada, Costa Rica, and China.

Students spend 10-14 days living with a host family in High School, or in group accommodations in Middle School. They visit the classrooms of a well-respected partner school, take part in service activities and other
culturally relevant projects, and make educational excursions to sites of historical and cultural relevance.

Although the goal of the travel exchange program is to provide experience in the culture and practice of their target languages, the value of the exchange trips reaches far beyond the two weeks of the experience. The language is a vehicle to cross-cultural connections and opens the door to creating internationally-minded and tolerant students who are Ready for the World Stage.

                                                                                    ISI Study Abroad in Beijing, China, 2019