College Counseling

ISI offers not only a diverse community during school but also diverse opportunities after graduation.
Our graduates regularly are accepted into and attend colleges and universities beyond worldwide.

ISI has a comprehensive four-year college counseling program. It is a personalized, hands-on process that takes place throughout a student’s high school years.

Our goal is to assist each student to find the “best fit” for his or her post-secondary education. We help facilitate the college application process in groups and individually with one-on-one discussion. College programs are presented throughout the school year to ISI high school families, and our Grade 10 students take an annual college road trip.

College Counseling Process


  • Students are encouraged to consider the importance of their academics from the day they begin their high school journey.
  • Students are presented with options for involvement in a variety of activities within the school environment as well as in the community.
  • Students plan meaningful summer activities.
  • Students are introduced to Family Connection from Naviance, a web-based service designed especially for students and parents. This research tool provides comprehensive information on thousands of colleges, career information, and direct links to each college website.


  • Students take the PSAT (practice) in October.
  • Students take the ACT-ASPIRE in November.
  • Students take a college “road trip” together and begin to gather information on the importance of visiting colleges, taking the formal tours, and attending the information sessions.


  • Students are presented a “college curriculum” during the first semester to familiarize them with the college admission process.
  • Students are encouraged to develop timelines and begin the scholarship search with parents.
  • Students are encouraged to attend all group and family meetings to plan an individual course of action.
  • Students take the PSAT in October.
  • Students attend visits by college admission officers at ISI High School.
  • Students take the SAT at least twice during the second semester.
  • Students take the ACT in April and/or June.
  • Students take SAT II subject tests.
  • Students determine teachers from whom they would like a recommendation. Often colleges request two recommendations.
  • Students begin to work on college applications over the summer. The Common Application is available in August (


First Semester

  • The first semester of senior year is the culmination of each student’s individual college preparatory work. The students are asked to complete their applications during the first semester.
  • If applicable, students consider the financial aid process and continue their scholarship search with assistance from ISI College Counseling. Scholarship applications and information are made available outside of the College Counseling Office.
  • Students take the ACT/SAT again, if necessary.
  • ISI will mail the secondary school report, the ISI High School profile, the student’s transcript, the school recommendation, and the mid-year report following first semester grades.

Second Semester

  • Students complete the FAFSA form as soon as possible after January 1, if the family is seeking financial aid. FAFSA form must be completed by March 1. College Counseling encourages all families to complete the FAFSA form.
  • Students submit all mid-year report requests to the college counseling office by January 5. Many colleges require a mid-year report at the completion of the first semester. This is a crucial and required part of your application file, and often colleges will not consider a student’s application until they receive the mid-year report.
  • Students monitor applications to be sure that all materials are sent and received on time and that the applications are complete. Stay on top of things and don’t procrastinate; you can ruin your chances for admission by missing a deadline.
  • Colleges begin notifying students of decisions in March for regular decision applications.
  • The national reply date is May 1. Notify all colleges of a final college decision by May 1.
  • Send in your tuition deposit to the college you will attend.
  • Notify the other colleges that accepted you that you selected another college.
  • Ensure that the office of college counseling knows your final college choice, so final transcripts are sent to the college you will attend.