In September of 2019, the International School of Indiana publicly announced ONE ISI, the campaign to create a unified campus. Lead gifts from the Chen and Daneri families helped to propel the campaign forward. However, the construction of the new Chen Family Lower School, which is progressing nicely, also reflects the effort and dedication of the school's families, friends, and community partners.

Among the campaign's many benefits is that it created an opportunity for Lower School students to learn about the importance of philanthropy and how their collective contributions can make a lasting impact in our school community and beyond. In November of 2019, students set a combined fundraising goal of $75,000 and pledged to work with their classmates and families to raise money intended to earn them the naming rights to the new Lower School Slide. Their creativity included pop-up coffee, hot chocolate, and lemonade stands, bake sales, donations of allowance, an origami auction, scarf sale, ornament sale, a special edition student newspaper, and so much more, and their collective contributions total $20,000.

Though the pandemic put a pause on the fundraising efforts of Lower School students, a new event, Slide-A-Thon, provides an opportunity for the Lower School community to continue to recommit to their fundraising goal and the vision of ONE ISI!

Through Slide-A-Thon we hope to leave students with an understanding that no matter one's age or how much money one contributes by working in collaboration with other people, each of us can make a meaningful difference.

At the Slide-A-Thon event, Lower School classes function as teams. Each team's goal is to have at least one gift made in honor of each student in the class. Students are encouraged to share their personal stories about why they love ISI and why this new building means so much to our school community. This personal touch can compel family and friends to donate. 

A provided planning sheet aids students in their fundraising efforts by allowing students and their families to brainstorm together about who they'd like to ask to support Slide-A-Thon. Flyers include online donation instructions and can be personalized and easily shared with prospective donors.  

Classes that achieve 100% participation will receive a pizza party, but every student will have a chance to slide and receive prizes simply for joining their classmates in the day's competitions.

Each team will have private and exclusive access to inflatable slides and playground slides. To adhere to our COVID-19 policies and procedures, all students will participate during their designated break, recess, or gym class with only their assigned cohort.


Go to Complete a separate form for each student you wish to support.


You will receive prompts to provide the amount you wish to give, the student you are giving in honor of, and to select the student's current class from a drop-down list. The student being honored, as well as the student's class, will receive credit for the contribution.


Enter in your contact information and payment information and submit.


Families can work together to create a list of friends and loved ones who might be willing to help students reach their fundraising goal. Students can personalize the Slide-A-Thon flyer and provide it to prospective supporters. 



ISI student(s) benefit from your support, not only with the construction of a new school but also during the Slide-A-Thon event. All students slide and win prizes simply for participating however classes that have 100% of students honored with at least one gift of any size will receive a pizza party. The class that raises the most money, will be the first class to ride down the slide in the new Chen family Lower School. There will be plenty of opportunities to win prizes for creativity, team spirit, and of course, fundraising during Slide-A-Thon.


CLICK TO VISIT: Slide-A-Thon Photo Album