build ONE ISI with us

To achieve its objective, the campaign to unify our campus will rely on gifts of all sizes from donors of all backgrounds. It will be a collective effort that brings together current, former, and future ISI families, faculty and staff members, and other supporters throughout Central Indiana and from regions beyond. 

Leading this movement are two long-time ISI leaders who represent a vital connection to the school's rich history and shining example for the next generation that is ready to take up the mantle and build ONE ISI.

founding contributors drive us to our campaign goal

The campaign for a unified campus is a collective effort, and every donor who pledges to ONE ISI before the campaign's initial goal of $7 million is reached receives a lapel pin as a Founding Contributor.


  • $8.3 Million
  • $7 Million

DONOR impacts spotlight

Donor List

Naming opportunities

*Reflects gifts secured during prior campaign efforts for the campus unification. 

(d) Reflects Deceased
(s) Reflects Student Donor

Includes 100% participation from the Board of Directors and School Administration

$5 Million

$1 Million
Gymnasium RESERVED
Main Track and Field  

Playground RESERVED
Pre-Elementary Wing (3 year old to Kindergarten) 
Library & Media Center RESERVED

Admin Office Suite 
Entry/Foyer Stairs RESERVED
Entry/Foyer Slide RESERVED

$1.5 Million
Lower School Building  RESERVED  

Secondary Athletic Field (Soccer)
Walkways (2 connecting buildings)
Elementary Wing (Grades 1 - 5)

Entry/Foyer  RESERVED
Gymnasium Stage  RESERVED
Music Room  RESERVED
Art & Science Room

Classrooms (26)  8 RESERVED
Faculty Lounge/Workroom RESERVED
Lower School Admissions Office  RESERVED