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Adventuring to New Cultures

During Grades 6, 9, and 10, students take exchange trips to countries of their languages of study. These travels take place in the spring, are teacher-chaperoned, and are expected of all students as part of their learning experience at ISI. In 2013, students journeyed to Barcelona, Chile, France, Canada, and Costa Rica.

WhyISI-buttonStudents spend 10-14 days living with a host family or in group accommodations. They visit the classrooms of the partner school. They take part in service activities or other culturally relevant projects, and they make educational excursions to sites of cultural relevance in the region.

Although the goal of the travel exchange program is to provide experience in the culture and practice of their target languages, the value of the exchange trips reaches far beyond the two weeks of the actual experience. It’s one more way that ISI helps to shape our students into confident world citizens.

 Costa Rica

Exploring Language and Life

The language skills students acquire at ISI allow them to experience enriching relationships, concepts, and cultures that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

During their exchange trips, students are fully immersed in their target language. They have engaging conversations with their host families and exchange classmates. They order food and buy items in the markets. They learn about the history and complexity of the communities they visit, deepening not only their language skills, but also their understanding and appreciation for the culture of their host country. And they spark new friendships that will remain special throughout their lives.

Along the way, students’ parents are able to follow along via a travel blog that documents the experience of the students and their chaperones.