Slide-A-Thon demonstrates that no matter one's age or how much money one contributes, by working in collaboration with other people, each of us can make a meaningful difference. The pictures speak for themselves, in addition to raising money, our students had a blast at this year's Slide-A-Thon event. Lower and Upper School Students completed 4,122 slides in 4 hours, received more than 290 gifts from around the world, and raised more than $18,750 (and counting) to benefit the #OneISI campaign! The full list of student and house winners is provided below. 

We're so proud of our student philanthropists/professional sliders!


Lower School students one again took to the large inflatable slides at 49th Street. Students worked individually with support of their families to fundraise, and worked together with their classmates as teams. Lower School students completed 3,332 slides! 

Top 3 student fundraisers for dollars donated

  1. Paxton Hope $1450
  2. Madilyn Roberts $1000
  3. Amirah Weaver $710

Top 3 student fundraisers for donations received

  1. Kaitlyn Shepard -  27
  2. Ebolofu Nkouaga - 26 
  3. Roman McArdle - 8

Top 3 fundraising classes for dollars donated

  1. Grade 5 Mandarin - $1595
  2. Grade 4 Mandarin - $1580
  3. Kindergarten Spanish - $1515

Top 3 fundraising classes for donations received 

  1. 3-yr-old French - 31
  2. Grade 4 French - 29
  3. Kindergarten Mandarin - 25

Top Sliders by Elementary Class 

  1. Grade 3 Spanish - 292
  2. Grade 4 Spanish - 258
  3. Grade 2 Spanish - 236

Top Sliders by Pre-Elementary Class

  1. Kindergarten Spanish - 153
  2. Pre-Kindergarten Spanish - 131
  3. Kindergarten French - 104


Recognizing that many of our Middle Schoolers committed to fundraising for ONE ISI while in the Lower School, this year we invited Upper School students to participate in the Slide-A-Thon. Upper School students did their sliding on the new slide in the Chen Family Lower School and they worked with their House teams to set fundraising and participation challenges.

Top student fundraiser for dollars donated

Tucker Congrove

Top student fundraiser for donations received 

Ryo Apungan

Top House for Dollars Raised

  1. Bison
  2. Limestone 
  3. Pioneer 
  4. Cardinal

Top House by Number of Donations Received

  1. Bison
  2. Limestone
  3. Cardinal
  4. Pioneer

Top House by Number of Slide Runs

  1. Bison
  2. Pioneer
  3. Cardinal
  4. Limestone
Click to visit: Slide-A-Thon 2022 Photo Album

In September of 2019, the International School of Indiana publicly announced ONE ISI, the campaign to create a unified campus. Lead gifts from the Chen and Daneri families helped to propel the campaign forward, however the construction of the new Chen Family Lower School also reflects the effort and dedication of the school's families, friends, community partners, and students.

Among the campaign's many benefits is that it created an opportunity for students to learn about the importance of philanthropy and how their collective contributions can make a lasting impact in our school community and beyond. In November of 2019, Lower School students set a combined fundraising goal of $75,000 and pledged to work with their classmates and families to raise money intended to earn them the naming rights to the new Lower School Slide. Their creativity included pop-up coffee, hot chocolate, and lemonade stands, bake sales, donations of allowance, an origami auction, scarf sale, ornament sale, a special edition student newspaper, and so much more, and their collective contributions from those efforts totaled $20,000.

In 2021 a new event, Slide-A-Thon, provided Lower School students a new opportunity to continue their fundraising efforts. During the inaugural event students age 3 through Grade 5 made more than 5,000 runs down two large inflatable slides. Two classes tied for the most runs down the slide. Grade 5 French and Grade 5 Mandarin each making 320 runs respectively! To fundraise, students were encouraged to share their personal stories about why they love ISI and why the new lower school building means so much to our school community. The student who inspired the largest number of gifts with 12 gifts made in his honor was Roman McArdle. The student who raised the most money was Amirah Weaver who raised $1,150. More than 550 donations were made in honor of ISI student and $20,000 was raised in 2021, bringing the student's fundraising total for ONE ISI to $40,000. 

In 2022, Slide-a-thon will return as a final opportunity to support the ONE ISI campaign and contribute to the Lower School student's $75,000 fundraising goal. Lower School students will once again slide on the large inflatable slides at 49th street, and Upper School students will have an opportunity to slide on the new slide in the Chen Family Lower School.