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Culture of Giving

How do we support and sustain our school? One way is to create a culture of giving.

Schools with active cultures of giving offer many ways to give and participate, where community members are aware of the giving opportunities, the needs behind them, and the ways to get connected and involved. As ISI continues to grow, we hope members of our community will find that their time, talent, and treasure are not only welcomed but appreciated. The following information outlines how families and supporters can choose to invest in the fundraising activities that support and strengthen the International School of Indiana.

Annual Fund and Capital Campaigns

Annual Fund and Capital fundraising priorities are determined by the school’s Board of Directors, and the school’s Advancement Department is responsible for meeting those goals. 

The Annual Fund supports Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs, Recruiting, Retaining & Developing Faculty, Facility Maintenance & Improvement Projects, Arts, Drama & Athletics Programs, and General Operations. Visit the Annual Fundraising Series webpage for more information on The Annual Fund and the supporting events. 

Annual Fundraising Series

Other Fundraising Efforts at ISI

Many constituent groups wish to fundraise annually; however, the school must carefully manage how to balance activities to meet fundraising goals while also preventing donor fatigue and decreased volunteer participation.

ISI makes every effort to find a balanced approach to asking parents, employees, and community members to give their time, money, and effort. All fundraisers must receive approval from the Advancement Department before collecting fees, holding any type of sale, or soliciting donations of money, goods, or services. The following is a list of the fundraising activities that are currently approved.

Please note that Charitable donations must meet specific criteria with the IRS to be tax deductible. Though many contributions made to ISI, specifically for the Annual Fund and Capital projects, are charitable, many are not.


Volunteering is an important component of creating a culture of giving. There are many ways to volunteer with The International School of Indiana.

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