The global closing of schools amid the pandemic has been unprecedented in scale, duration, and cost.
Following an extraordinary transition to an emergency online-based teaching environment that has provided continuity of the highest-quality remote learning possible for the remainder of this school year, ISI now turns to preparations for the fast-approaching 2020- 2021 academic year.

With the new year anticipated to begin in August, we’ve already identified the need:

  • to offer increased financial aid packages for families on the brink
  • to meet increased costs of relocating international faculty and staff to Indianapolis
  • to meet increased costs to implement new health and safety measures in accordance with public health guidelines

Dedicated ISI families have established the ISI COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, to raise $500,000 to meet these needs and others that may arise during the 2020-2021 school year as the pandemic response continues to impact our school community.

Launched with gifts of $25,000 or more from the families of Kelly and Patricio Daneri, Sidney Taurel, Susan and Macklin Thomas, and Scott Weaver and with additional gifts from funders Craig. P. Anderson, Daphne Chiu and Peter Chen, Janet and Michael McCaslin, Corina Nailescu, Dragos Sabau, and Veronica Sabau, Lourdes and Alain Weber, and Amy and Dan Willis the fund now totals more than $175,000.

If you can place ISI among your philanthropic priorities, we would be grateful for a contribution to the fund.

Your gift will make resources available for the ISI Board of Directors to meet our most pressing institutional needs.
Together, we will rise to meet our challenges and emerge ever stronger as ONE ISI. 




Contact Kristen Kaiser
317-923-1951 ext. 328.


Many thanks goes out to the founding donors of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Fund Founders - Gifts of $25,000+
Kelly and Patricio Daneri  
Sidney Taurel 
Susan and Macklin Thomas
Scott Weaver
Stanley and Allison Chen

Fund Contributors
Craig. P. Anderson
Daphne Chiu and Peter Chen
Janet and Michael McCaslin 
Corina Nailescu, Dragos Sabau, and Veronica Sabau
Lourdes and Alain Weber 
Amy and Dan Willis
Linda Weiss
Carolyn Magnes
Gary and Jennifer Vigran
Alex and Shalina Schaefer
Jeremy and Lisa Sells
Alonzo and Alicia Weems
Chris and Bob Broughton