Are you ready to make a world of difference?

We can’t predict what the world will look like 25 years from now, but with your annual investment, we can ensure that our students and our school remain ever ready for the world stage.

For 25 years ISI has embraced the concepts of inquiry-based learning, with an emphasis on language fluency and cultural intelligence, to prepare students for a rapidly globalizing and interdependent world.

Tuition covers many of the fees associated with providing an ISI education; however philanthropic support provides the additional resources necessary to enhance our facilities and recruit the best teachers from around the world — and consequently offer our students a world-class education that no other school in Indiana can provide.

Your annual gift to ISI is an investment in our students, our facilities, our faculty, and our potential. When Gryphons give to the ISI Annual Fund, we make it possible for students and our entire institution to be ready for the world stage.

Thank you for giving!

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There are a number of ways to get involved and support ISI this year.

November 5 - ISI Trivia Night

November 5 - First Friday with Mimi Blue Meatballs

December 2 - ISI Night at the Zoo

December 31 - End of tax year - make your gift now

March 4 - First Friday with Matteo Ristorante Italiano

April 23 - Travel Auction

May 2-6 - First Friday with ClusterTruck

May 27 - Slide-a-Thon

June 3 - Farewell to 49th Street

June 3 - First Friday (restaurant to be confirmed)

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