edukit school supply ordering

Available to students and families in the Lower School, EduKit school supply orders can be delivered directly to student classrooms or to ISI families' homes (pending order deadlines).
A portion of the proceeds from every order benefits the ISI Parent Association.

about edukit

Order Deadlines 
School supply kits will be delivered directly to ISI classrooms when EduKit orders are completed by June 5, 2022. Extended ordering is available from June 6 to July 15 for an additional fee and will be delivered directly to your home shortly before school begins. 

Order Process
Parents should expect to receive a confirmation email from EduKit when their order is completed successfully. Any parents ordering after June 5 should enter their home address as the order-delivery destination. Entering the school address after the deadline for delivery to classrooms could result in delivery complications.

Why EduKit?
ISI launched the EduKit program as a convenient option for busy families to complete their school supply orders for the upcoming school year. The program is a fundraiser for the ISI Parent Association (PA) with proceeds from each EduKit order benefitting PA programs and services in support of ISI students and teachers.
Why the Lower School only?
This service is not be extended to the Upper School grades as supply lists vary based on class schedules and schedules are determined after order deadlines. Upper School Supply Lists for the new school year will be published by June 2022.

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