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Since March 2020, ISI has pivoted our learning delivery to meet the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we highly value the trust you have placed in ISI with the safety and education of your children. 

Entering our third academic year affected by COVID-19, we are carefully planning an educational experience that will allow us to focus on our hands-on IB learning model while keeping safety measures in place. We are excited to bring back several components of in-person learning that were not possible during the 2020-2021 academic year.


  1. We will return to normal as best we can, while minimizing risks. We will advocate for vaccinations for all eligible individuals so that quarantines and elearning are minimized, and so that we can resume more community events and activities.
  2. We will maximize students’ engagement with teachers and peers by prioritizing in-person learning for all grade levels, throughout the entire school year, unless mandated to close.
  3. We will follow a transparent and consistent fiscal policy, including a pledge to release policies, estimates, and fees for programs prior to the start of the school year, so that families can plan. We will not adjust tuition and fees during the year, regardless of how COVID might impact us.
  4. We will provide a safe and healthy work environment for our faculty and staff so that they may thrive in their roles by meeting, or when possible surpassing, issued federal, state, or local health and safety guidelines.

Important Updates for the 2021-22 School Year

When planning new policies and procedures, we review best practices from health and education experts including local, state, and federal guidelines. We also keep in consideration vaccine availability for children, community input, and a global perspective of the pandemic. While returning to school in-person during a global pandemic is complex, we are confident that together we can keep our community safe and thriving with best practices that have emerged from 2020-21.

  • A full return to in-building instruction.
  • Enrichment vendors will be welcomed back to campus.
  • Before/Aftercare with minor modifications.
  • Cafeteria service with minor modifications.
  • Outdoor field trips will resume, with case-by-case consideration of indoor field trips and no overnight trips.
  • Limited return of guest speakers and visitors by appointment only.
  • Interscholastic athletics to resume for Grades 6 - 12 with spectator limits per athlete.
  • Select events such as Meet the Teacher, Assemblies, and End-of-Unit celebrations will resume with attendance limits and social distancing.
  • Exchange and overnight trips will not resume yet.
  • Bus Service suspended as minimum ridership was not achieved.
  • Shuttle Service between campuses suspended to prevent mixing of Lower School and Upper School cohorts.
  • Interscholastic athletics suspended for Grades 5 to minimize exposure between Middle School and Lower School cohorts.

Safety measures that will remain unchanged:

Classroom visitors will still be restricted in the Lower School.

Attendance limits and social distancing will apply at all school events.

Parent-Teacher conferences and the majority of staff meetings will continue to take place over Zoom.

Safety measures that will continue with modifications:

Masks will still be required indoors at both campuses for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, with exceptions for athletics, and physical education, eating and drinking. Students and employees will not be required to wear masks when outdoors (e.g., participating in outdoor play, recess, athletics, and physical education activities).

Health screenings will no longer take place at the school. Parents will be asked to complete a health screening at home each day with their student.

Grade-level cohorting which has been in place in Upper School will expand to the Lower School. Additional cohorts will be utilized for athletics, before and after-school care, enrichment, and academic support.

Scaling Down the Remote Learning Option

Due to our hands-on IB model and the strain of the hybrid model on teaching staff, remote learning will only be available to students with a documented medical need. Sunsetting this option will allow our teaching staff to focus their attention on delivering the highest quality of teaching to your students.

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For more detailed information by topic, please visit COVID-Ready Campuses. To view our full policy document, visit the Policy Hub.