Contact Department: Head of School

Oversight Executive: Head of School

Scope: These required protocols apply to anyone on an ISI campus, including but not limited to all students, staff, faculty, coaches, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and visitors.

Definition of Terms:
Face Masks are cloth face coverings that fully cover the mouth and nose, fit snugly against the sides of the face so there are no gaps, and can be homemade or store bought. They are intended to protect other individuals and to prevent the spread of  COVID-19.

Policy Statement: Since July 24, 2020, the International School of Indiana has implemented prevention strategies that have made it possible to safely open and remain open for in-person instruction. The policy reflects the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Marion County Public Health Department (MCPHD), and the Indiana Department of Health (IDH).  Guidelines for students, employees, and visitors are outlined in the below procedures.

Reason for Policy:

1. Provides guidance on how face coverings should be used as a public health and safety measure at the International School of Indiana. 

2. Is in effect until a return-to-normal operation in accordance with all public health and governmental orders is possible.



  • Failure to comply with face mask protocols may result in disciplinary action through existing disciplinary processes.
  • Human resources will assist supervisors with addressing employee violations.
  • Principals will provide guidance on addressing student violations.
  • All other violations are referred to the Head of School’s office.
  • These procedures are subject to change as the public health situation changes.


  • Students/families, employees, and visitors may decide for themselves whether to wear masks on ISI property and it is no longer school policy that they are required to do so.
  • Students and employees testing positive for COVID-19 are recommended to wear a mask for a period of 5 days (days 6 - 10) following their required 5-day isolation. 
  • Masks are required on Miller Transportation buses for all students, staff, and drivers, regardless of vaccination status. This is a federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandate. Meaning students will be required to wear masks for some field trips.
  • ISI students and employees participating in ISI athletics or ISI extracurricular activities are required to adhere to facility guidelines at host institutions, even if those guidelines are more stringent than our own.  

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