The following policy papers present the guidelines for maintaining the health and safety of our school community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attendance and Remote Learning: guidelines for managing attendance and remote learning Updated 1/24/22

Cohort Model: guidelines for managing student interaction and movement during the school day Updated 9/22/21

Drop-Off and Pick-Up: guidelines for the arrival and dismissal of students during the school day 

Face Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): guidelines for the use of essential mouth and face coverings on our campuses Updated 3/1/22

Health and Safety Measures: guidelines for sanitizing, virus tracing, and other best practices for mitigating virus spread Updated 7/28/21

Health Screening: guidelines for assessing wellness

Meals, Snacks, Water Fountains, and Food Services: guidelines for providing and consuming food and beverages during the school day Updated 3/1/22

Student, Faculty, or Staff Illness: guidelines for managing illnesses to mitigate virus spread Updated 1/24/22

Transportation (Bus Services): guidelines for student travel through school-sponsored transportation

Visitors, Meetings, Events, and Activities: guidelines for visits to our campuses and for hosting events in our facilities Updated 3/7/22