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Pioneer Wins the 2022 House Cup

Upper School End of Year Awards

On the last day of school, Upper School students, family, and friends participated in the Upper School Awards Assembly to celebrate the success and achievements of our students. Congratulations to our students for their achievements throughout the 2021-2022 school year - and congratulations to Pioneer House for winning the House Cup!

Academic Honor Roll

Grade 12
Frédéric Mandeville, Samantha McCrea, Lindsey Nickel

Grade 11
Evan Cahoon, Lydia Campbell, Cristian Catalano, Konrad Gossweiler, Zaina Hayek, Grace Kaneshiro, Melanie Kreutz, Yuichiro Murakami, Owen Rifkin, Lydia Swango, Georgia Wiltz

Grade 10
Sophie Albert, Faith Brothers, Helena Duarte, Pablo Gudino-Martinez, Caitlyn Hempstead, Nils Lahm, Kael Miller, Lana Miller, Kenjiro Murakami, Ananza Williams, Anzie Wiseman

Grade 9
Blair Breeden, Makoto Buroku, Asia Genawi, Kennedi Green, Isabel Kim, Aoife Lien, Peter Machado, Layla McCanna, Lauren Millard, Adam Murphy, Umay Ozsoy, Elizabeth Rayhill, Elena Ruckle, Amelia Troyer

Grade 8
Amalia Cristea, Daniel Hara, Isabela Knarr, Michael Kreutz, Dennis Lemoine, Lily Murphy, Léo-Paul Perrin, Lilliana Sanchez

Grade 7
Austin Bruford, Estelle Debes, Elaina Leathers, Shayda McCanna, Andres Rodriguez, Dylan Rogers, Veronica Sabau, Bree Sherrill

Grade 6 
Zakee Abbasi, Lucy Chen, Tucker Congrove, Frederik Conrads, Catrina Cristea, Ana Cuevas-Faget, Haroon Iqtidar, Maya Kalgaonkar, Lucas Kwon, Ronan Lien, Alessandra Rodriguez, Emma Wust Head

Annual Awards

Grade 11
Vasco McAlear
(Mandarin ab Initio), Evan Cahoon (Physics, Mathematics, Theatre), Lydia Campbell (Music), Cristian Catalano (Business Management), Konrad Gossweiler (Theory of Knowledge), Elijah Gruen (French Language Acquisition), Grace Kaneshiro (English Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, Biology, Visual Arts, CAS), Melanie Kreutz (English Literature, French Language and Literature, History, Physics, CAS), Will Longfellow (The Sinitsky Award), Patrick Machado (Spanish Language Acquisition, Chemistry), Ben Mackey (Theatre), Yuichiro Murakami (Business Management), Karina Peate (Visual Arts), Lydia Swango (Mandarin Language Acquisition, Spanish Language Acquisition), Ngoc (Natalie) Vu (English Language Acquisition), Georgia Wiltz (Spanish Language and Literature, History, Biology)

Grade 10
Albert (French Language and Literature, Biology, Music, Service as Action), Channing Bernat (English Literature, Personal Project - Entrepreneurial Concept), Simon Chen (Mandarin Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies), Elena Duarte (French Language Acquisition), Azeem Hite (Personal Project - Link to Global Concept), Siyuan Huang (English Language Acquisition), Phyusen Kyaw (Personal Project - Link to Global Concept), Nils Lahm (Design), Iloa Martin-Podevin (English Language Acquisition, French Language and Literature, Mathematics), Kael Miller (Biology), Lana Miller (Spanish Language Acquisition), Garrett Nickel (Yearbook Award), Fable Radefeld (Theatre), Philip Randolph (Physical Education, Visual Arts), Amelia Schamberger (Mandarin Language Acquisition), Brian Shaw (French Language Acquisition, Mathematics), Preston Slate (Personal Project - Entrepreneurial Concept), Amelia Troyer (Yearbook Award), Nathaniel Troyer (Design, Physics), Ananza Williams (Individuals and Societies, Personal Project - Overall, Visual Arts, Service as Action), Anzie Wiseman (English Literature, Physical Education, Theatre, Yearbook Award)

Grade 9
Breeden (Music), Makoto Buroku (English Literature), Boston Cahoon (Mathematics), Asia Genawi (Design, Physics, Mathematics), Kennedi Green (Spanish Language Acquisition), Isabel Kim (Mandarin Language Acquisition, Physical Education, Biology, Service as Action), Aoife Lien (Physical Education), Peter Machado (Spanish Language Acquisition, Biology), Layla McCanna (French Language and Literature, Visual Arts), Lauren Millard (French Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Chemistry), Lucinda Montgomery (Mandarin Language Acquisition), Adam Murphy (Individuals and Societies, Theatre), Elena Ruckle (English Literature, Visual Arts), Amelia Troyer (French Language Acquisition, Physics)

Grade 8
Alazar (Individuals and Societies), Beata Borja-Westin (French Language Acquisition), Amalia Cristea (Spanish Language Acquisition, Visual Arts, Service as Action), Jordin Golden (Mathematics), Daniel Hara (English Literature, Mandarin Language Acquisition, Design, Science), Isabela Knarr (Spanish Language and Literature), Michael Kreutz (French Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Physical Education, Design, Science), Dennis Lemoine (Mathematics, Drama), Lily Murphy (Mandarin Language Acquisition, Visual Arts, Service as Action), Léo-Paul Perrin (French Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Physical Education), Liliana Sanchez (Spanish Language Acquisition), Gabrielle Vergnaud (Music), London Woodman (Drama)

Grade 7
Apungan (English Literature, Spanish Language Acquisition, Drama), Michael Bonaccorsi (Design), Austin Bruford (Mandarin Language Acquisition), Luka Buroku (Service as Action), Estelle Debes (French Language and Literature, Spanish Language Acquisition, Physical Education, Science, Mathematics, Visual Arts), Maya Hayek (Individuals and Societies), Elaina Leathers (Visual Arts), Ritu Rajesh (Individuals and Societies, Mathematics), Dylan Rogers (Design, Music), Andres Rodriguez (Drama), Veronica Sabau (English Literature, Spanish Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Physical Education), Bree Sherrill (French Language Acquisition, Spanish Language and Literature, Science, Service as Action)

Grade 6
Bartelson (Spanish Language Acquisition), Lucy Chen (Mandarin Language Acquisition, Design, Visual Arts), Frederick Conrads (French Language Acquisition, Mathematics), Catrina Cristea (French Language and Literature, Spanish Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Science, Service as Action), Ana Gabriela Cuevas (Spanish Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Physical Education, Science, Mathematics), Evan Darrah (Mandarin Language Acquisition), Nicholas Fleming (English Literature), Bryna Hargreaves (Drama), Haroon Iqtidar (Visual Arts), Maya Kalgaonkar (Individuals and Societies), Alessandra Rodriguez (French Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Physical Education, Music), Delano Sanchez (English Literature, Drama), Emma Wust-Head (Spanish Language and Literature)

Athletics Awards

All Conference Awards
Myles Bernat (Boys Soccer, 1st Team), Patrick Machado (Boys Soccer, 1st Team), Will Breeden (Boys Soccer, 2nd Team), Nia Simmons (Girls Volleyball, Honorable Mention) Caitlyn Hempstead (Girls Soccer, Honorable Mention), Grace Kaneshiro (Girls Soccer, Honorable Mention), Karina Peate (Girls Soccer, Honorable Mention), Philip Randolph (Boys Basketball, 2nd Team), Will Longfellow, Eddie Willis, Konrad Gossweiler (Boys Swimming, 200 Yard Med Relay), Will Longfellow (Boys Swimming, 100 Yard Back), Will Longfellow, Eddie Willis, Konrad Gossweiler (Boys Swimming, 400 Yard Free Relay - PAAC record time of 3:36.17), Melanie Kreutz (Girls Tennis in Singles)

Gryphon Guide Awards
Alptekin (Boys Tennis), Myles Bernat (Boys Soccer, Boys Golf), Grace Kaneshiro (Girls Swimming), Deven Klobusnik (Boys Basketball), Melanie Kreutz (Girls Tennis), Solomon Litty (Boys Volleyball), Will Longfellow (Boys Swimming), Isabella May (Girls Track & Field), Natalie Meier (Girls Soccer), Miles Mixon (Boys Track & Field), Owen Rifkin (Boys Cross Country), Nia Simmons (Girls Volleyball), Juliet Vasey (Girls Cross Country)

2022 College Athletes
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Gala header
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On March 11, the International School of Indiana community gathered at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for the school’s signature fundraising event International Gala: Grown Up’s Night Out!

Gala is one of four events in the 2022-2023 fundraising series and is the school’s signature fundraising event. ISI fundraising events are designed to offer a wide array of options for ISI families and supporters to participate in annual fundraising and to invest in our students, our faculty, our facilities, and our potential. 

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timothy stroh
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Following a comprehensive and extensive search process that engaged more than 30 international candidates, the International School of Indiana is thrilled to announce that Timothy Stroh, M.Sc has been selected by Head of School Elizabeth Head and has accepted the position of Lower School Principal, effective July 1, 2023.

Stroh, a native of Indiana, will return to the state with extensive teaching and leadership experience in both independent and international schools. He currently serves as Vice Principal - Academic Achievement and Wellbeing at Berlin Metropolitan School (BMS) in Berlin, Germany. 

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Kyle Kuzmic attended the International School of Indiana (ISI) from Pre-Kindergarten until he graduated in 2011.

After his time at ISI, Kyle continued his education at Indiana University Bloomington, double-majoring in Human Biology and French. After completing his undergraduate degrees in 2015 he continued his education at the IU School of Dentistry, completing his Doctorate in Dental Surgery and then at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry for his Certificate in Orthodontics and Master’s in Oral Biology. 

Kyle credits his education at ISI for opening up doors for him in college and beyond, including using his French to study abroad in Aix-en-Provence for 6 months during college, and to embark on dental service trips to Haiti while in dental school

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