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Unit 5 Wrap Up

Unit 5 Wrap-Up

Primary Years Programme (PYP) students at the Lower School are finishing up their final unit of the school year! The PYP units are built around transdisciplinary themes that are relevant to all students and cultures. The units are supported by knowledge, concepts, and skills from traditional subject areas such as math, social studies, science, and language arts, but utilize them in a transdisciplinary model. 

On May 19, Grade 4 students participated in a wax museum for their How We Express Ourselves unit. Students picked famous artists, writers, and musicians throughout history, learning information about them and becoming them for their End of Unit Celebration. On June 2, Grade 5 students will be presenting their learning in their Exhibition to wrap up their time at the Lower School. 

The central ideas for Unit 5 in each grade are:

  • 3 Year Old: Sharing the Planet - Plants have specific needs in order to grow and stay healthy. 
  • Pre-Kindergarten: Sharing the Planet - Living things have unique characteristics and change throughout their lives.
  • Kindergarten: How We Express Ourselves - People express emotions through music and movement. 
  • Grade 1: How We Express Ourselves - People express their ideas and feelings through the visual arts. 
  • Grade 2: How We Express Ourselves - Through tales, myths and legends, people express beliefs and values in entertaining ways. 
  • Grade 3: How We Express Ourselves - The artistic expression of a community can be used to share ideas and feelings in powerful ways.
  • Grade 4: How We Express Ourselves - People express their culture and beliefs through various forms of art.
  • Grade 5: Who We Are - Final Grade 5 Exhibition.

To celebrate a successful end to the third unit, families were invited to join their students in a variety of activities, including song recitals, presentations, and other hand-on activities to support and celebrate their student’s learning. Click to learn more about the PYP in the classroom, view Pre-Elementary and Lower School at ISI. 

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In Lower School at the International School of Indiana (ISI), every student participates in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). The PYP is renowned for its focus on developing inquisitive, knowledgeable, and caring young individuals who are prepared to make a meaningful impact on the world. At the heart of the PYP lies the Grade 5 Exhibition Project, a capstone experience that brings together student learning through their time at the Lower School. This comprehensive project is not only an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning but also a celebration of their growth and potential

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The small but mighty ISI Girls Varsity Tennis team completed a successful spring season! The team spent the season working hard to improve, and every member played a crucial role in bringing home team victories. 

“My favorite memory from this season was our first team win,” Grade 9 player Veronica Sabau said. “Since we only had four people on the team, we needed each of us to win our matches in order to have a team win. This made winning extra special.”

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This year, students built a multi-use court for basketball, soccer, and volleyball. They leveled the ground, mixed and poured concrete, created drainage systems, and finished the edges to make it safe for children. They also helped construct a well, cleaned up the school’s exterior and landscaping, and cleaned up the school’s fruit garden, which was previously unusable. Timmy Club members also brought basketballs and soccer balls for the community to keep, donated by the Pacers, Fever, and Indy Eleven teams

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As the Class of 2024 has officially graduated from the International School of Indiana, it is time to reflect on their extraordinary achievements. This group of talented, resilient, and determined students has truly made its mark on the ISI community. From prestigious college acceptances to remarkable personal and academic accomplishments, the Class of 2024 has much to celebrate

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