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Unit 3 Wrap-Up

Primary Years Programme (PYP) students at the Lower School have finished their third unit of the school year! The PYP units are built around transdisciplinary themes that are relevant to all students and cultures. The units are supported by knowledge, concepts, and skills from traditional subject areas such as math, social studies, science, and language arts, but utilize them in a transdisciplinary model. 

On January 21, Grade 3 students had their friends and family visit for their End of Unit Celebration to finish their unit, “Money, Money, Money”. They displayed projects they completed throughout their unit, which included designing their own currency and making posters to promote the Jeans Day fundraiser they ran. At the end of their celebration, they revealed how much the grade had raised for a local food bank - $1,051.08! 

The central ideas for Unit 3 in each grade are:
3 Year Old: How the World Works - We use our senses to explore and experience the world around us.
Pre-Kindergarten: How the World Works - We can explore light and color all around us.
Kindergarten: Where We Are in Place and Time - All animals live in homes, but their homes are different. 
Grade 1: How We Organize Ourselves - Every person on Earth has the right to nutritious food. 
Grade 2: How We Organize Ourselves - People design cities to meet the needs and wants of the inhabitants. 
Grade 3: How We Organize Ourselves - Responsible use of money may determine how people live.
Grade 4: Who We Are - People have different belief systems and traditions that influence their lives. 
Grade 5: Where We Are in Place and Time - People have been deprived of their freedom throughout history. 

To celebrate a successful end to the third unit, families were invited to join their students in a variety of activities, including song recitals, presentations, and other hand-on activities to support and celebrate their student’s learning. To learn more about the PYP in the classroom, view Pre-Elementary and Lower School at ISI. 

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As the Class of 2024 has officially graduated from the International School of Indiana, it is time to reflect on their extraordinary achievements. This group of talented, resilient, and determined students has truly made its mark on the ISI community. From prestigious college acceptances to remarkable personal and academic accomplishments, the Class of 2024 has much to celebrate

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Expansion of Choice Participation Benefits Families and the School
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After careful consideration, the International School of Indiana is pleased to announce its participation in Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program (Voucher Program) to all eligible grade levels. This expands the participation from the Upper School to the Lower School, making participation possible for eligible families with Kindergarten through Grade 12 students for the 2024-2025 academic year.

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Having the entire ISI student body on one campus has continued to allow more opportunities for students of all ages to be involved in the ISI community in new and exciting ways. This year, for the first time, Grade 4 students were given the opportunity to try out for the Grades 5 & 6 basketball team! Many students were excited about this opportunity to join the team, gain new skills, and grow their love for basketball.

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The MYP Personal Project is an independent and significant piece of work completed by students in grade 10. It allows students to showcase their skills, talents, and personal growth while engaging with real-world issues they care about. The project spans several months, during which students work independently to plan, execute, and reflect on their chosen endeavors.

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