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Season Recap: Middle School Tennis

Middle School athletics is a great time for students to try out new sports, or to improve on skills they already have. As the coach of the Middle School Tennis Team, Félix Medina had goals to nurture a sense of community among the team, foster respectful communication, and create a love for the sport.  

“We had students that have never held a racquet before, and these students won matches,” Coach Medina said. “That comes from love, passion, and dedication. I had a student that has never practiced any sport before in his life, and this student grew tremendously just by attending our training sessions, and becoming part of a team.”

With a team of players with varying experience levels, the season was spent working on growing skills and specific shots. Some players also had the added challenge of learning to play effectively with doubles partners. 

“The biggest challenge this season was developing my backhand,” Grade 7 player Ana Cuevas-Faget said. “My biggest accomplishment was winning my doubles matches with Veronica.”

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