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Season Recap: Middle School Soccer

This fall, the Middle School Soccer team competed for the first time in two years - and for many players, the first time. Students focused on building up new skills and working together as a team, balancing the needs of new and experienced players.

“We really focused on wanting to work as a team on and off the field,” Head Coach Taryn Lamp said. “The team was split between students who have played for years and students who have never played at all. It was a goal of ours to help those players who have never played before learn basic skills and to help those who have been played improve upon their already existing skills. It was definitely a balancing act, and the students who have played before helped those who have not.”

Students had individual goals for how they wished to improve throughout the season. Beginner players worked hard at learning fundamental soccer rules and terminology while returning players focused on sharpening their ball control and playmaking skills.

“My biggest goal coming into the season was to get better at controlling and passing the ball,” Grade 7 player Dylan Rogers said. “Next year, I want to keep improving my shooting and endurance.”

The Middle School Soccer team finished the season with a record of 3-6-1, with close losses they look forward to making up next year. 

“There were a lot of close games where we were proud of the team, but unfortunately we lost,” Lamp said. “Our team has really learned how to play together and understand what works well. We are very proud of them.”



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