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Season Recap: High School Varsity Track & Field

The High School Varsity Track & Field Team had a lot to overcome this season with a late start to the season and player injuries affecting the team. Luckily, the team came together to work through the hardships to complete a very successful season!

“There were some injuries throughout the season that added a certain challenge,” Head Coach Bronwyn Getts said. “We also didn't have a very large team so relays were hard to maintain with injuries, but I'm so proud of the team for staying motivated and positive throughout the season. Brian [Shaw] and Bella [May] were a huge part in keeping the team focused, while they were out with injuries they continued to come to practices, helping time and lead workouts with me.”

Even with additional challenges, there were many highlights from the season. Team captains Owen Rifkin, Miles Mixon, and Juliet Vasey stepped up in leading the team, fostering a strong community among the athletes. Incoming freshmen Boston Cahoon, Layla McCanna, and Adam Murphy also quickly adjusted to the high school team, bringing in new energy to complement the returning athletes. 

“These kids have a lot on their plates, I wanted track to be a place where they could come to have fun and feel good about the progress they had made throughout the season,” Getts said. “We had a lot of really amazing personal bests this season, and with all things considered I'd call that a win. This year was a group effort and I am so proud of the kids for all working so hard to make this season the best it could be.”

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