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Season Recap: High School Girls Soccer

The High School Girls Soccer team started the season with goals not only related to wins and losses, but also growing as people and as a team. Coach Ken McDaniel has focused the past three seasons on building a tight-knit culture and continuing to grow the program able to sustain the success it achieves. 

“We were able to continue our process of building a unique culture for the girls soccer program,” McDaniel said. “This season was tremendously successful. With such a tight group, we made commitments to each other and our goals, not our own self interests. Character development and team identity was at the forefront of all we did. The harder the season and each game got, the more we rallied around each other and the stronger we became.”

The team’s two returning seniors, Natalie Meier and Norah Hempstead, were selected as team captains. They used their experience as returning players to help the team improve throughout the season.

“My biggest goals coming into the season were to work on my personal skills,” Meier said, “and I wanted to make sure I was a supportive and helpful team captain.”

The High School Girls Soccer team finished the season 3-1-6, and look forward to continuing to build the program next season.

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