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Season Recap: High School Boys Varsity Basketball 

The High School Boys Varsity Basketball team spent their season focusing on building the program and improving skills with each practice. The young team, made up of nine underclassmen, did not have as much experience as teams in previous years, which required practice and determination on the court.

“Our goals this season were to begin building a competitive program, have our players learn the game, and to grow as young men and student athletes,” Head Coach Dwayne Cobb said. “Being a very young basketball team, we sometimes struggled with overall knowledge and experience of the game. But that helps us with building the future of the program.”

With so many young athletes participating, there is a lot of room to grow as a team in the future as players, teammates, and leaders. 

“My biggest goals coming into the season was to get good playing time and to get a starting spot,” Grade 10 athlete Alexander Pecard-Leese said. “Getting the starting spot was my biggest accomplishment of the year.”

Along with growing throughout the season, the team had much to celebrate – including the contributions of two seniors, Deven Klobusnik and Oskar Horn, who averaged 9.3 and 11.7 points per game respectively. Grade 10 student Philip Randolph was also selected for the second team All PAAC conference, receiving a medal and certificate for the honor. The High School Boys Varsity Basketball team finished the season 8-13. 


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