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Season Recap: Grade 7 & 8 Volleyball

With many returning players, the Grade 7 & 8 Volleyball Team was able to spend the season building on skills from last season, while also welcoming new players and helping them learn the basics of playing volleyball. 

“My goals coming into the season were to feel more confident on the court and to improve my overhand serves,” Grade 8 student Bree Sherrill said. “Throughout the season, I learned how to consistently serve overhand.”

Throughout the season, players gained confidence while improving their skills and communication on the court. The Gryphons played through a challenging schedule, celebrating their wins and growing from their losses. 

“The Lady Gryphons faced many difficult opponents where they had to adjust and overcome challenges,” Coach Linda Weiss said. “Having returning players allowed the team to be comfortable working together and improving their passing.”

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