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Season Recap: Grade 5 and 6 Basketball

Middle School athletics are a great way to introduce students to new challenges and experiences through sports, and the Grade 5 & 6 Basketball Team was no different. With many players with little to no experience, the coaching team worked to introduce players to the sport in a more structured setting than they may have experienced before. 

“My biggest goal coming into the season was to get better at shooting and playing as a team. One of the biggest challenges was learning and remembering exact plays,” Grade 6 player Antonio Gennaro Andrea Vetrini said. 

Throughout the season, players began to get more comfortable working together as a team and running plays. Every player saw improvement in different areas, and our coaching staff is excited to help players continue to develop throughout their Middle School and High School athletic careers. 

“Players showed tremendous growth. They really came together as a team; they became better communicators and have set themselves up to have even more success next season,” Assistant Coach Zachary Haley said. “We had a lot of players new to the game, and so this not only became our main goal with the group but also became our biggest challenge this season.”


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