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Season Recap: Girls Varsity Golf

In its first season back since the pandemic, the Girls Varsity Golf team worked to develop the skills of players all new to the game and to create a sense of community among the student athletes. 

“My favorite memory of the season was just hanging out with the team and Coach Kelly,” Grade 11 student Channing Bernat said. “Seeing all of us improve while having fun was really special.”

Many of the players had very limited, if any, golf experience and were looking for an opportunity to try something new. The team worked hard to develop a culture of lifting each other up and supporting each other through learning new skills. 

“Since this was a brand new team, with all brand new players, we definitely faced many challenges,” Grade 11 student Anzie Wiseman said. “I think the biggest challenge was not getting down on ourselves, even if we didn’t have the lowest scores or win our match. However, if any one of us were feeling down, the others and coach would be very supportive and always work to make us feel better.”

Each player showed huge improvements through the season, and they look to continue to improve throughout the off-season. The students are excited about the future of the program and hope to continue to see it grow next year. 

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The Boys Varsity Golf Team started the season not knowing what to expect – the golf team is one of the newest teams at ISI, and one of the youngest, with no seniors participating in the sport this season. With the hard work and dedication of the athletes, the Boys Varsity Golf Team finished with a 7-1 regular season record!

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