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Season Recap: Boys Varsity Soccer

Coming into the fall season, Head Coach Ken McDaniels wanted to focus on a shift in culture and improvement of individual players’ skills throughout the season. Led by four returning seniors as captains, players focused on quality of play instead of outcomes, and on building personal responsibility. 

“As each player improved in their individual technical skills, each player also grew in confidence,” Coach McDaniels said. “This in turn increased improvement in our play and performances as a whole. Individual improvements added to our overall team culture also - it created a new level of seriousness and commitment to our teammates.”

The team showed a never-quit tenacity reflected in two shootout wins this season! The team as a whole moved away from playing kickball, and began trying to play with patience and skill - even when under pressure. 

“My favorite memory this season was the Shortridge game where I scored two equalizing goals and the winning penalty in the shootout,” senior player Patrick Machado said.

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Having the entire ISI student body on one campus has continued to allow more opportunities for students of all ages to be involved in the ISI community in new and exciting ways. This year, for the first time, Grade 4 students were given the opportunity to try out for the Grades 5 & 6 basketball team! Many students were excited about this opportunity to join the team, gain new skills, and grow their love for basketball.

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The MYP Personal Project is an independent and significant piece of work completed by students in grade 10. It allows students to showcase their skills, talents, and personal growth while engaging with real-world issues they care about. The project spans several months, during which students work independently to plan, execute, and reflect on their chosen endeavors.

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ISI grade 3 students just finished their unit, How We Organize Ourselves: responsible use of money may determine how people live. The unit works as an inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities, the structure and function of organizations, societal decision-making, economic activities, and their impact on humankind and the environment.

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