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Season Recap: Boys Varsity Golf

With a team of players who have never participated in competitive golf before, the ISI Boys Golf Team spent the season working on learning the rules to compete, improving their scores, and having fun to create a strong team culture to carry on to future seasons. 

“Since the boys golf team was new to competing we really focused on the basics in the beginning with a golf clinic mentality, working on proper grip, swing, stance and aim,” Head Coach Joel O’Neil said. “We also had to work on a lot of the rules and break some of the habits we all learn when we are beginners.”

Throughout the season, players were able to build their confidence in their skills. As players saw their scores improve, they began pushing each other and becoming more competitive in practices which motivated all players to work hard at improving. 

“My biggest goal coming into the season was to understand the game of golf more,” freshman player Arjun Singh Bhattal said. “My biggest accomplishment this season was getting better at being able to make good contact with the ball.”

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