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Season Recap: Boys Club Volleyball

For the first time in school history, ISI offered Boys Club Volleyball to high school students, all thanks to a student-led initiative to get the team off the ground. Players spent the season building skills, learning positions, and developing strategies behind playing each ball. 

“Perhaps the biggest challenge was our own nerves,” Athletic Director Joel O’Neil said. “We had never played any of the teams we faced before and we wanted to do well, but our nerves would get the best of us. Our serves would be off and at times had a hard time returning a few. It would take a few serves before we would settle down and play with more confidence.”

As the season progressed, players improved and got more comfortable with their own skills and working together as a team. The season finished with an exciting final home game, with a gym full of fans and a close five set match ending in a Gryphon victory. 

“My favorite memory from the season was winning the first Boys Volleyball home game in front of a packed and noisy crowd,” sophomore Kael Miller said. “I am playing again next year with the goal of making the team an ISI staple.”

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