Taurel Building


All Upper School faculty will participate in conferences, but every parent may not be guaranteed a meeting with every one of his or her child/children's teachers on Parent Teacher Conference day. Meetings are scheduled first come first served, and parents may always work directly with teachers to schedule an alternative meeting date and time. Upper School students will not have classes on this day.

In addition to all Upper School faculty, the following Upper School team members will be available to meet with parents:

  • College Counseling: director, Linda Christy
  • Student Support Services: middle school social and emotional support, Nicole Detrick; middle school learning support, Meg Dombroski; high school learning support Genevieve Gardner
  • Administration: middle school assistant principal, Hope Amor; high school assistant principal, Natalie Wolfe

Students may attend these conferences at the invitation of a parent and/or a teacher.

REGISTRATION: Parents may begin scheduling meetings using a link provided by email on January 15 at 12:00 p.m.