Upper School campus

Dress code

The dress code for the day will follow what is set out in the student handbook. Students should wear shorts or athletic clothes for the day. Students should wear house tops.

  • Athletics shorts or athletic pants (any brand)
  • Athletics skirt (any brand)
  • An athletics top free from any offensive slogans
  • Properly tied athletic shoes

Students should not wear:

  • Tight fitting spandex material (unless it is under clothing)
  • Anything made out of denim/jean material
  • Jewelry (including earrings, watches, necklaces, rings)
  • High heel shoes
  • Flip Flops
  • Sandals
  • Loose fitting shoes
  • Sweatshirts with hoods
  • Phones, electronic devices and headphones must be kept in bags and must be switched off.


Concessions (ice creams, push pops and candy) will be available during the day with each grade having designated time to enjoy this. All items will be $1. Please bring small denomination bills as change will be limited to enjoy these tasty treats.


Because Sports Day is a whole community event, both teachers are students will participate. It will be all hands on deck. Devices are not invited to this party at all and should be kept in students' backpacks for all the duration of the activities. Should a student forget, a member of the staff will gather the device and hand it to Mrs. Benavente for safekeeping, and the student will receive it back at the end of the day. This also includes headphones and earbuds.

As an additional point, there will be no recording or sharing of photos, videos, or information about other students or members of the staff, especially without their clearly expressed permission.

Sustainability and environment

To support efforts of sustainability and highlighting environmental issues, during sports day we will not be using disposable cups or water bottles. Please ensure you remind and encourage all students to bring a reusable water bottle with their name on it. There will be stations to fill up water bottles as well as time at the concession station during the day.

Parents and guests

Parents and guest, we would like to invite you to join us for the final part of our day from 2:45 - 3:35. You will need to park at Taurel / on the grass by the service road. to prevent any disruption to car line. Staff will be at the entrance to campus to direct and manage parking and traffic.