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Spirit Weeks serve as a fun way for students and staff to strengthen the school community by breaking the mold of a typical week! Students may pay $1 to participate daily or $5 for the whole week. High School students should give money to Kevin Long at the Taurel Building Front Desk. Middle School students should give money to Linda Weiss at the Blackwell Building Front Desk. All money raised will be donated to Timmy Global Health. The week's celebrations all lead up to the Timmy Club Teachers vs. Students Volleyball Fundraiser on Friday, October 22.

Monday's Theme: Quarantine Throwback (PJ's, blanket, or favorite quarantine outfit)

Tuesday's Theme: Villains vs. Superheroes (Think Marvel characters!)

Wednesday's Theme: Pink Out (Wear as much pink as possible)

Thursday's Theme: Beach Wear vs. Country Club

Friday's Theme: Class Colors (The class with the most representation will get their class color painted on the Spirit Gryphon Statue)
Grade 6 - Blue
Grade 7 - Pink
Grade 8 - Green
Grade 9 - Purple/Brown
Grade 10 - Green
Grade 11 - Red
Grade 12 - Blue
Faculty & Staff - Black/White

Important Reminder: School uniforms will not be required for Middle School students participating in the Spirit Week. However, all ISI students must adhere to the ISI Dress Code, which can be found in the Upper School Handbook (located on the Parent Portal).