Located in the friendly and safe U.S. Midwest, ISI offers an American high school experience
rich with a challenging curriculum, student life opportunities, athletics, and the arts!

At International School of Indiana, we are dedicated to providing our international students with the programs and support necessary to adjust to life at ISI and in the United States – all while retaining and celebrating our students' unique cultural heritages. We work with students from all over the world to provide them the opportunity to grow academically and personally in our award-winning and internationally-recognized International Baccalaureate Curriculum.

While offering an exemplary English-acquisition language program, we are proud to have native speaking French, Spanish, and Chinese Mandarin teachers on faculty for local students learning a second language as well. It is a truly welcoming global community with staff and students representing more than 50 countries.

ISI prepares students for a world where global boundaries are no longer barriers to understanding and cooperation. We welcome international students to apply.

F1 VISA Admissions


The International School of Indiana manages admission inquiries and applications through our preferred software, Open Apply. When you fill out our application form, a parent account is created that will guide you through the admissions process. A working checklist of tasks are created and maintained in Open Apply that will inform applicants about how to schedule a tour or shadow day, supply transcripts, recommendation forms, attend a pre-entry visit, and apply for financial aid.

We prefer to meet families face to face so they can have a tour of the Campus, but Skype, or similar, video conferencing is an option for interviews when a personal visit is not possible.

F1 Visa

Please note that the F-1 Visa is only applicable for Education at International School of Indiana. When applying it is expected that students will remain in the program through graduation. We expect all students to work with the International Advisor to maintain visa status and compliance for the duration of their education.

Contact our Director of International Student Services for more information.


We work directly with families to find an American Host. This entire process can take up to a month from beginning to end. We will ensure that the student is matched with the correct family, their home is safe, and a background check is completed.


The fees for International Exchange Students are currently:

  • $5000 one-time Administrative Fee for Middle and High School students.
    • This is a fee due after student is accepted and prior to 1-20 being issued
  • Annual Tuition
    • This includes all fees-textbooks/lunch/activity fee/athletics
  • $1000.00 per month for 10 months per year, paid directly to Host Families
    • This fee covers room, board, and transportation
    • This covers student living with an American Family for 10 months (August 15 to June 15). It is expected students will return home for the Summer Break.