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How to Apply


  • All students: Candidates must complete the application for admission form provided by the International School of Indiana.




  • Pre-Elementary: Not required
  • All other students: Transcripts should be sent directly from the sending institution using our transcript release. Transcripts for the previous academic year and first semester of the current academic year, attendance records, teachers’ comments, and standardized testing results should be included.


Letters of Recommendation

Each letter of recommendation should be accompanied by our recommendation form.

  • Pre-Elementary: One (1) pre-elementary recommendation from current nursery school teacher or care provider.
  • Elementary: One (1) letter from a current homeroom teacher.
  • Middle and High Schools: Two (2) letters – one from a current math or science teacher, and the other from a language arts teacher.


Entrance Examinations

  • Pre-elementary and Elementary: Students are required to participate in a pre-entry visit. Children are evaluated in small groups for an hour or more in a classroom setting.
  • Middle and High Schools: Local candidates for Grade 9 may be required to take the ISEE exam (Independent School Entrance Examination)

Registration forms are available online at Registration should be completed three weeks before the desired testing date. This examination is provided by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB); checks for the fee should be made payable to ISEE. The school code for the International School of Indiana is 154009.


Shadow Program

The Shadow Day should be scheduled with the Admissions Office.

  • Pre-Elementary: Prospective students will have a pre-entry visit.
  • Grades 1-12: Prospective students visit for a full day.


Admissions Interview

  • Pre-Elementary and Elementary: Not required.
  • Middle and High School: On-campus admissions interviews are required.


Financial Aid

The International School of Indiana is committed to economic diversity. If you require financial aid, please visit the Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) website at The school code for the International School of Indiana is 4138.