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Financial Assistance

WhyISI-buttonAt ISI, we are committed to economic diversity. In a typical school year, financial aid is awarded to approximately 45 percent of our students. All financial aid awards are based solely on demonstrated financial need, not on athletic, artistic, or academic ability. If you are interested in an international school education, please inform our Admissions office who will assist you in initiating the process.

Below are some answers to common financial aid questions. Please email the Admissions Office or call 317.923.1951 ext. 369 if you need more information.

The Admissions Office is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What is International School of Indiana’s financial aid philosophy?

We believe that, first, educational excellence stems from an exposure to a variety of perspectives—including socio-economic, racial, ethnic and geographic. Second, we believe an investment in the future of a child is an investment in our community. As such, we are eager to share the cost of education for families with a demonstrated financial need.

What is “demonstrated need” and how is it determined?

It is the calculated difference between fees and the amount a family can be expected to contribute towards annual tuition. Demonstrated need is determined by the ISI Financial Aid Committee after thorough review of the Personal Financial Statement (PFS) and the family’s Income Tax form 1040. The PFS is a standard form of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). Tax forms tend to be issued in the spring. Do not let this deter you from applying. A provisional award will be offered and your income will be validated when the tax documents are available.

What factors are considered when determining financial aid?

Income, assets, taxes, family size, unusual expenses and circumstances, and number of family members in tuition-bearing schools are among the many factors used to determine need for financial aid. Generally, we encourage you to apply. At the very least, call the office of Admissions for a preliminary confidential conversation. Please note that no family receives 100% financial aid.

Is there a fee for applying for financial aid?

The SSS charges a fee for processing the form. ISI does not charge a fee for applying for financial aid.

When will we learn if we receive financial aid?

Financial aid awards are usually made in late spring. Your child must be accepted and enrolled before being considered for financial assistance. If the financial aid award is insufficient for your needs, your enrollment deposit will be refunded.

How does the process work for separated or divorced parents?

ISI considers the assets and earning potential of both custodial and non-custodial parents prior to awarding financial aid. PFS forms and federal income tax forms are required from both parents each year. If either parent has remarried, the needs analysis considers the assets and earning potential of the stepparent as well.

Who makes financial aid decisions?

Financial aid applications are reviewed carefully by the ISI Financial Aid Committee to establish the financial need of the family. All information required for the financial aid process is held in strictest confidence.

Does ISI offer additional ways to help finance our child’s education?

Merit Scholarship – Scholarships are given to recognize students who have outstanding academic performance. This award is for freshmen students and is renewable for the following three years

Payments – We offer monthly and semi-annual payment plans.

How can we become more comfortable with the financial aid process?

We encourage you to give us a call, drop us a note, or send us an email. We will make every effort to answer your questions and assist you with your concerns.

How do I get started with my SSS application?

The financial aid application is done online at http// The School Code for the International School of Indiana is 4138. There is an application fee payable to SSS.