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A Vision of Learning for School and for Life

At ISI we are proud of some numbers: Our 100% graduation rate and 100% college attendance rate would be hard to downplay even if we wanted to.

As proud as we are of those percentages, we’re even more proud of each and every student we graduate. Their successes – along with those of our teachers, administrators, and parents – are what make the International School of Indiana such a truly unique and remarkable institution.

We hold our students – past, present, and future – in high regard. Read some of their stories. We think you’ll see why.

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Noah Droddy

Noah Droddy, ISI class of 2009 graduate, attended DePauw on a Lilly Foundation scholarship that allowed him to attend any Indiana school, free of tuition. Read more.

Paul Jeffries

Paul Jeffries, ISI Class of 2014 graduate, attends American University in Washington, D. C. as a Global Scholar. He has interned for Zidisha International and for Senator Dan Coates. Paul has been accepted into the Paris Institute of Political Studies, Science Po, in Paris, studying political science and international relations. Read more.

Javier Gonzalez Souto

Javier Gonzalez Souto is studying computer engineering at Purdue University. His travels have taken him to Metz, France. Read more.

Timothy Gondola

Timothy Gondola attends Macalester College, pursuing a geography major and music minor. He has traveled to Nantes, Bordeaux, France, and worked a GIS internship at the POLIS Center at IUPUI. He foresees a career as a GIS analyst and jazz pianist. Read more.

Brian Greggs

After 13 years at the International School of Indiana, Brian entered the very competitive Naval Academy. He will graduate in the Spring of 2017 with a Bachelor's of Science in Economist and plans to continue on with the Navy in the intensive pilot program. Read more.

Soha Khan

Having completed her undergraduate degree in medicine at Butler University, Soha Khan is now a third-year medical student at Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. Read more.

Eleanor (Ellie) Chabraja

Eleanor (Ellie) Chabraja, ISI '10, earned her Bachelor’s degree in Hispanic literatures and cultures, in addition to obtaining a certificate in Middle Eastern studies from Wesleyan University. Read more.

Katie Inman

Katie Inman studied mechanical engineering at MIT. She competed in Division I Lightweight Women’s Crew as well as joined a co-ed fraternity, Delta Psi. Read more.

Mai Tanaka

Mai Tanaka is studying at the New College of Florida. Tanaka has traveled to Vienna, Austria and lives in Sarasota, Florida. Read more.