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International School of Indiana is committed to providing a safe and nurturing place for students to learn. ISI takes a balanced approach to school safety, recognizing that a combination of strategies is most effective to achieve a safe school and mitigate risk. We balance the need to secure school facilities with the need to maintain an open space for learning. 


The ISI Safe School Committee, composed of representatives from all areas of school operations, meets monthly to review preventative and proactive safety measures in addition to reviewing and updating our Emergency and Crisis Management Handbook as necessary. The team remains current on best practices and procedures, and representatives participate in the Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy (training provided through the Indiana Department of Education). 


The Emergency and Crisis Management Plan is presented to all employees at the start of the school year and is practiced regularly to ensure that everyone knows their role should a crisis occur.  Classrooms have an emergency manual that allows teachers to obtain quick and easily accessible step-by-step instructions in an emergency. In addition, ISI regularly trains employees and students in monthly safety drills, including fire drills, tornado drills, and lockdown/intruder drills.

We partner with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) to review our safety protocols. IMPD conducts risk assessments, including a recent analysis of our campus, facilities, and protocols. ISI has received high marks for its preparedness and response to prior incidents; however, preparedness is important work that is always ongoing. ISI is a recipient of grant funding from Homeland Security to support these efforts. 

ISI continually invests in its safety and security infrastructure. A security gate and fence on our campus will be operational for the 2022-2023 school year. We have and will continue to utilize an intricate system of security cameras, card entry systems for all doors into facilities, mantrap door systems at visitor entrances, visitor management systems with background checks, panic buttons, call recording capabilities, instant lockdown capabilities, emergency notifications including campus-wide speaker systems, and a partnership agreement with Newfields as part of our emergency evacuation plan. 

This year campus gates will be closed and all facility doors will remain locked during the school day. All employees, upper school students, and visitors will be required to wear identification during the school day. School employees and students are trained to immediately report any suspicious activity to the proper authority. 

Additional practices, personnel, and measures to ensure school safety are in place, but are not disclosed in this overview so that confidential collaborations, plans, and capabilities are not compromised. 

We recognize that everyone in our schools needs to feel safe. This sense of security leads to a positive learning and working environment. Despite the low risk we face, we will together remain vigilant and prepared to effectively respond to emergencies.



As our Upper School and Lower School are united on a single campus, we are implementing a series of proactive measures to assist with safety and security on campus.