strategic plan

To the ISI Community,

Since its launch in 2019, this strategic plan has been, and remains, intended to send our special institution on a trajectory to an ever brighter future filled with intentional and needed growth and with remarkable achievements inside and outside of the classroom.

The initial work was the culmination of a year-long listening tour that served to inform our school leadership of the strengths that ISI must double down on and the opportunities that we must seize upon, knowledge that has continually been coupled with input and vision from the school’s Board of Directors and longtime community supporters.

Though this plan was launched before the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) first impacted our school community, the plan was always intended to be a living and breathing document that would grow with us. This version of the plan has been updated based on the 2022 listening tour and further reflects our revised priorities.

I welcome the chance to continue this journey together and your passionate engagement through the process.

Elizabeth Head
Head of School


strategic plan updates

We are committed to providing quarterly strategic plan updates that highlight the action and progress made each quarter. Information is provided for each pillar of our strategic plan and underscores how the plan is strengthening the International School of Indiana.

The plan priorities

Community Culture:  Shaping our culture and reflecting our values
Distinct  Academics:  Leveraging assets that make us the region’s best on a newly unified campus
Updated Engagement Graphic
Sustainability:   New focus on administrative leadership and fiscal policy to secure the future
Recruitment: Reinvention of enrollment processes to boost recruitment and retention