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Preparing for the 30th Anniversary Strategic Plan 

Our school is like no other in Indiana or even the Midwest. The school’s distinctive educational program, combining the International Baccalaureate curriculum with foreign language fluency, cultural awareness, and an appreciation for diversity have become hallmarks of an International School of Indiana education.

Though ISI has made tremendous progress in its first three decades, further investments are essential to not only protect and preserve the campus, facilities, people, and experiences but also to amplify our strengths and shape our future.  

In 2024 ISI will celebrate its 30th year and launch its next strategic plan. As the school concludes the final year of the current 5-year Strategic Plan, planning for the future will also be underway, and involving you, the school’s stakeholders, is essential to our continued success. 

About the strategic planning framework and process 

The current strategic plan goals derive from five pillars: Community Culture, Distinct Academics, Sustainability, Engagement, Recruitment and Retention. The pillars were formed from input gathered from the school community and external stakeholders during the 2019 and 2022 listening tours, and goals were selected for each pillar.

The current strategic plan has provided a roadmap to reflect our values and to advance our mission. The most visible goal of the plan was to create a unified campus. Over the past four years, the school successfully planned, initiated, and executed a capital campaign that raised $8.3 million and resulted in the successful design and build of a new lower school, built ahead of schedule and on budget. However, other strategic plan successes included, increased engagement with civic and corporate organizations, increased media presence and brand awareness, successful crisis management during the pandemic, increased teacher satisfaction and retention, the continued success of graduates with top college placements and strong IB Diploma Pass Rates, increased enrollment, restructured debt, and significant investments in people and programs to strengthen the campus culture.  

The school’s leaders, believing the five pillars continue to be integral to future success, are committed to the current pillars as foundational elements of the Strategic Framework for the next iteration of the Strategic Plan. Each pillar has shared characteristics:

  • Aligning with the school’s mission,
  • Reflecting important commitments to our families, employees, and community as a whole,
  • Recognizing our responsibility to carefully steward all of the school’s assets and resources,
  • Representing current areas of strength or desired areas of strength.

This Strategic framework will be vetted via focus group meetings and online surveys with key constituencies.  

*Subject to change if needed

Join a Focus Group

If you would like to offer suggestions and comments to help inform the Strategic Framework, you are invited to join a focus group discussion. The following provides an overview of the process, the topics, questions, and registration instructions.

Strategic Plan Pillars

Strategic Plan Update

In September ISI launched its planning process for the 30th Anniversary Strategic Plan. The process is well underway and has involved many members of our school community. We invite you to read an update on the progress made throughout this fall.

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Recent strategic plan updates

Below are strategic plan updates that highlight the action and progress made throughout the 2022-23 school year. Information is provided for each pillar of our strategic plan and demonstrates how the plan is strengthening the International School of Indiana.