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My name is Geoffrey Peate, and I am the Head of the Language and Literature Department in the Upper School at the International School of Indiana (ISI). I am also the lead facilitator for the new ISI TED-Ed Club, a club that brings students together to practice their public speaking and to work on idea-development skills. As evidenced by my pursuit of a doctorate in Educational Leadership, which I'm set to complete in August 2019, I have a strong passion for promoting adolescent leadership and growth. My experience in this sector is directly related to TED-Ed objectives and the International Baccalaureate (IB) directives promoted at ISI.

Shortly after I arrived at ISI from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I started to work with Grace Horton, the ISI TED-Ed student facilitator, and Susannah Miller, co-facilitator, to begin a TED-Ed Club as an extracurricular activity.  ISI has now joined a larger group of national and international schools that offers a TED-Ed Club. Since its inception this year, the club has gained reputation and a commitment from a set of around 10 students from grades 9-12.

In the spirit of ‘ideas worth spreading’, TED-Ed clubs give students an opportunity to discover, explore, and present innovative ideas in the style of short, TED-style talks. After the initial school application, program coordinators will receive TED-Ed resources and 13 lessons to help their students develop talks.  During the club meetings, students work with the facilitators to develop their talk.  At the end of the lessons, students will present an informal talk that is sent directly to TED-Ed in New York.  If their talk is nominated, the students will have an opportunity to present to a larger, international TED-Ed forum.

TED-Ed club members video chat with their facilitator about upcoming talks.

TED-Ed serves as a direct extension to the IB program at ISI. Specifically, the Student Talks Curriculum Standards (TED-Ed, 2019) directly supports the IB Learner Profile by including 21st century skills and social emotional learning. The standards include cooperation, communication, cultural and global awareness, thinkers, curiosity and openness, caring, open-minded and risk-takers. These standards are in line with the IB Learner Profile, as they go beyond teaching students to be academically successful. The TED-Ed program seeks to improve our students’ confidence and to help them build important idea development skills that will serve them in college and in the real world. 

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