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Season Recap: Middle School Volleyball

Starting the season off with a team of players who were almost all new to the sport, the Middle School Volleyball team showed huge leaps as the season progressed. After a slow start to the season, the team became more and more comfortable on the court. This led to exciting wins the team worked hard for. 

Led by Coaches Linda Weiss and Jamison Raymond, the team focused on building basic skills, learning to communicate as a team, and having fun throughout the season. 

“I am very proud of the girls learning and using their new skills in the games,” Coach Linda Weiss said. “The way the girls played in their first game compared to their last game, it was obvious how much they improved and worked together as a team.”

Players worked hard at building skills, each with individual goals and challenges. They also had to get used to communicating while they played. 

“The biggest challenge for me this year was getting better at passing and communicating on the court,” Grade 7 player Izzy Slate said. 

The Middle School Volleyball Team finished their season 4-11 with a winning second half of the season, a testament to the players hard work and determination.

 Middle School Volleyball players


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